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High Risk Business Loans for Boutique Shop

Suite-341-Paris-by-ElementIn the eyes of banks, all retail businesses are red-flagged as ‘high-risk’ businesses. The reluctance to allow loans soon follows. Why? Cash intensiveness. Yes, it is this nature of transactions that makes it so hard for you to get a loan application approved. This poses a great dilemma for retail and other small businesses, when they are in need of a fund-injection.

What you need here is an alternative route, and at First American, that is exactly what you get. Being different from traditional banks, our offering is different as well. We don’t offer you loans, nor put you through the trouble getting loans comes with. Instead, we boast getting you cash advances that are rather easily achievable, and are less troublesome to service, as well.

There are no up-front costs, nor do you have to pay specific installments every month. Instead, we take a small percentage from your monthly sales every week. So in a way, we are not lending you money, but investing in the bright future you have.

Wondering why we, First American, should be your choice? When you are in need of funds, exhaustive paperwork and unnecessary protocols can really be testing. On top of that there is absolutely no guarantee of approval – in fact, most small businesses find themselves on the rejection list even after fulfilling all requirements and waiting for extended periods. Our cash advances are without any such hassle, coming to you within a week of your application, offering no uncertainty that you usually have to deal with. Add to this the fact that we don’t charge any additional fees, nor require any sort of collateral. We don’t even check your credit history or tax returns. Such is the ease you get when you sign up with us. If it is a much-needed fund injection you really need, there is no place else you should rather be.

All you have to do is take a few minutes out and fill in our simple application. You will know of your approval in about a day, and get access to the funds within a weeks. No hassle, no arduous process, and certainly no waiting in the dark. So, hop on.

To get approved for a business loan from First American Merchant  in as little as 48 hours, click on the button below!