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By First American Merchant

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Is Your Small Business Constantly Needing More Time?

Time. It’s what everyone talks about but everyone seems to be short on. Everyone wants more time, but very few people teach themselves to value their time appropriately. Instead, they end up wasting it on unproductive tasks. For the small business owner, time is money. It is easy to become swamped with day to day tasks. While completing the daily to-do list is important, it does not leave much time, if at all, for the bigger picture. Those big project or big ideas that you never get around to are the ones that can have the greatest impact on your […]

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Most Small Business Owners Fund Their On Start-Ups | Merchant Loans for Start Up

While many think that small business owners are mauled by the bank’s loan department, new data is showing that it isn’t true. In fact, many of today’s new start-ups are being funded by the owner, and not by the bank. Whether it is personal savings, or a family loan, or even a crowdfunding source, this brings forth the information that mall businesses need not rely on the big banks anymore. However, not everyone has the resources, so sometimes bank funding seems to be the only choice. Luckily, for merchants, this is not the only choice. Merchant loans for start up […]

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New Mobile Apps Help Companies Connect to Job Applicants

It has been difficult for modern banks to find the talent that they need. To find the right applicants, they have had to go where the most qualified young employees are, on their smartphones. Mobile phone technology has begun to catch up with millennial use and desire. Not only is this new generation dating and ordering food on smartphones, they are also searching for jobs. Jobaline is a mobile startup that is a marketplace for employers to post jobs. The mobile app distributes want ads for employers, who are then contacted by interested candidates. Jobaline is the newest app that […]

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Merchant Loans for Start-Up Boutiques

When beginning the process of starting up your own boutique shop, be sure to add finding merchant loan providers to your to-do list. A merchant cash advance? Isn’t that a small term loan or a high interest advance, you may ask? You will be glad to hear that this assumption is incorrect. A small business loan involves strict requirements, long wait times for funding, complicated contracts and extensive, endless documentation. Have you traded that steady pay check and career to pursue this dream of owning your own shop? As a start-up, the last thing you want to have to do […]

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Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Your business may have reached a crossroad where you need to expand your operation for larger market share or take the other path and focus on maintaining a smaller operation with steady, albeit, restricted income. Whichever path you take, you should think about your growth strategy before committing. One key question to remind yourself whichever path you take is, how can marketing help you drive business growth? In regards to today’s digital age, Marketing focuses on the web site content: text, images, video. Everything starts with a web site with these fundamentals: loads in under 3 seconds, smartphone ready, UX-friendly […]

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Opportunities You Won’t Want To Miss Including Merchant Loans for Start Up Business

If you think starting a business is only for those people who have the money and the time to start their own business, you would be wrong. While many new businesses do start with the minimal costs initially paid for by the business owner, some businesses can take minimal amounts to set up and you might not need to fund these yourself. There are products, which are for new business; merchant loans for start-up businesses are a great way to turn your business idea into an actual business that makes you money. Business opportunities you might want to consider If […]

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Merchant Loans for Start Up Business

Are you curious about what merchant loans mean for your start up? Do you have questions about what it all means for you? Below you will find answer to some of the most frequently asked questions concerning what is involved in receiving a merchant loan. How fast can I receive funding? The only requirement of 1st American Merchant Funding is that your business has a monthly minimum amount of $5,000 in credit card sales. Receiving funding is as simple as submitting a form, getting a quote and receiving your funds. If your business is trying to get off the ground, […]

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