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Know How to Fund Your Business: Merchant Loans for Startup

Are you looking for access to working capital to finance your next big idea? How can you obtain merchant loans for startup without difficulty? What’s important to know about financing your own business? These are questions each business owner is interested in. So, just keep on reading to find the answers below. Financing Your Own Business Not all businesses have the same needs. So, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to getting a financial solution for your company. You should take into account several things, such as the personal financial situation you’re in and what vision you have for your business. You […]

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Trump’s Tax Plan for Small Businesses

In the beginning of 2017, two major comprehensive tax reform plans were being discussed: President Trump’s plan and the plan put forward by the House Ways and Means Committee, commonly referred to as the “Blueprint.” On September 27, 2017, the Trump administration released the Unified Tax Reform Framework. According to the Framework, the corporate tax rate will be lowered from 35% to 20%. Trump is also going to reduce the income tax for middle-income families. He asked for a one-time repatriation of corporate profits earned overseas. The president notes that the tax reform will give families and businesses more money […]

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5 Tips for First-Time Business Owners

Are you going to launch your first venture? Have you already gone through the process of setting up your new business? It’ll be quite helpful for you to go through the tips listed below so to be able to take your business off the ground and succeed. Focus on the Thing You Love Most Don’t act like those entrepreneurs who jump at every opportunity that they come across. You’ll be more productive and be able to conduct your business more effectively if you do what you love. Focus on the type of business for which you feel you have the […]

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Has Your Start-Up Been Rejected for a Loan? No Problem!

Dealing with rejection is hard, especially for an entrepreneur who believes in their services or products. But being rejected for a small business loan, may not have anything to do with the viability of your product or service. There are a variety of reasons that responsible business owners are rejected by traditional lenders. Common reasons include: bad credit, little to no credit history, bankruptcies, tax liens and more. If you have been denied for a small business loan, there is still hope. The following are a few tips on what to do next after being declined for a small business […]

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Start Up Marketing Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot

New businesses can take the cheap – err, cheaper – route when it comes to marketing a start up company. Yes, there are pricier ways to get customers attention, but sometimes the cheaper ways can be your best bet. The issue for many start up merchants is that even cheap options can be costly, especially when you are short on cash. One of the best options on the cheap is the use of social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are great avenues to get new customers, and they are mostly free. With Facebook, you can pay to have your […]

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Alternative Lenders Offer Funding to Women-Owned Small Businesses

Female-led small businesses have gained a lot of positive attention in recent years. From 2000 to 2012, women-owned businesses grew 27 percent. In contrast, U.S. businesses only averaged a 2 percent growth rate during the same time period. Surprisingly, despite these economic and social advances for female business owners, few are taking advantage of certain benefits offered by alternative lenders. These changes in the economic landscape demonstrate the exciting shift to a more welcoming atmosphere for female entrepreneurs. Even with the headway women-owned businesses have made in the past 10 to 20 years, there is always room for improvements. NerdWallet’s […]

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Marketing Strategies for Startups | How to Get it Right the First Time

According to Forbes, “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn”. When starting a business, it is incredibly important to get several things right in order to make it through your first year. From how you choose to fund your business to your marketing strategies, you need to make sure every dollar you spend is matched with the greatest return on investment. Consider Brand Identity.  Everything that your customers or potential customers know about your business is directly linked to your brand identity. Establishing your business’ brand identity […]

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7 Steps to Launching Your Business

Starting your own business is not as difficult as some may believe. Recent federal budget changes now offer more money to invest in small businesses. This means that entrepreneurs who need loans will have an easier time obtaining traditional loans. And if they can’t qualify for traditional loans there are alternative means to get financing. If you’re thinking about starting a new business here are the essential steps that are guaranteed to get your business up and running. Create a Viable Business Plan. There are many resources that can assist entrepreneurs in making a workable business plan. Business plans are […]

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Keep Your Bank Accounts to a Minimum as Business Grows- Here is Why

With the increasing availability of business financing including merchant loans for startups, organizations grow more quickly. Most of them eventually contend with one common question as their businesses multiply: open multiple bank accounts or not? The usual temptation is to open separate accounts for businesses situated in various locations so they can run independently. These may often be branches of the same enterprise. The main concern is with the operation of various expenses and payroll. Experts, however, suggest that you retain a single bank account despite the expanding size of the business. Benefits of maintaining minimum bank accounts It is […]

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What Motivates Women to Start Their Own Business | Merchant Loans for Start-Ups

Launching a new business start-up is one heck of a task and for women; it may seem even more difficult at times. While women are gaining more and more respect from men and society as a whole, it’s still not 50-50 on the equality scale. Men are still considered the best business owners and CEOs, while most people believe that women should not be in power. Nonetheless, women own one third of businesses across America and that alone shows just how equal women truly are to men when it comes to running a business.   However, motivational factors may be […]

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