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Is Your Small Business Constantly Needing More Time?

Time. It’s what everyone talks about but everyone seems to be short on. Everyone wants more time, but very few people teach themselves to value their time appropriately. Instead, they end up wasting it on unproductive tasks.

For the small business owner, time is money. It is easy to become swamped with day to day tasks. While completing the daily to-do list is important, it does not leave much time, if at all, for the bigger picture. Those big project or big ideas that you never get around to are the ones that can have the greatest impact on your business’ future.

Learning to make time starts with first taking a step back and evaluating. Are you really that busy? Or are you just busy being busy? There’s a big difference. If you are working on things that really matter, than great! But if realize that some of what you are doing could wait while you tackle bigger things, than you might have just found an area where you can make time for something bigger.

Another way to see if you are making time to be creative and grow your business is to add up your non-billable time. This non-billable time equals growth. It is time that has been spent to fuel the growth in your business.

Next, take focusing on important tasks to the next level – schedule them. Do you need to bring everyone up-to-speed on the bigger picture? Spend a few hours away from the norm with your employees by scheduling a meeting. Before you get to that busy season, make sure that everyone knows what is expected, what positive changes are on the horizon and what future goals are. If time isn’t made, it will never happen.

If you haven’t started a business but would like to, this concept of time still applies. It is easy to stay “busy” writing down all of those small details without taking steps to get the major tasks in order like setting up a lending source. For example, will a traditional lending source accept your application? Or does your business fall within the category of being high risk, therefore leading them to turn you down?

Set aside some time in your afternoon to search and compare alternative lending sources. An increasingly popular solution for start-ups are merchant loans for start-ups. They allow the entrepreneur the chance to secure funding without the long and strict documentation process that you can expect with a traditional small business loan; these providers also specialize in working with high risk merchants.

Evaluate your time. Are you just busy being busy, or are you taking the time to plan for bigger things. Invest your time in your business or start up plans today and reap the benefits of your hard work down the road.

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