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Merchant Loans | Where to Find an Alternative Business Loan

Are you seeking an alternative to the traditional small business loan? A merchant cash advance (MCA) might be the cash solution you have been looking for. Consider the following helpful tips on merchant loans and how to decide if this financing option is right for your business. What is a Merchant Cash Advance? A cash advance involves the lender purchasing a slice of your business’ future credit card sales. In exchange, your business receives a cash advance as a lump sum payment. An increasingly sought-after alternative to traditional funding, a cash advance also provides a flexible payment process. The payments […]

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5 Tips for First-Time Business Owners

Are you going to launch your first venture? Have you already gone through the process of setting up your new business? It’ll be quite helpful for you to go through the tips listed below so to be able to take your business off the ground and succeed. Focus on the Thing You Love Most Don’t act like those entrepreneurs who jump at every opportunity that they come across. You’ll be more productive and be able to conduct your business more effectively if you do what you love. Focus on the type of business for which you feel you have the […]

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13 Small Business Trends to Follow at Your Office

Companies should keep an eye on key trends and new developments if they want to remain competitive and reach more success. According to the US Small Business Administration, the 28 million small businesses in America account for 54% of all U.S. sales. The number of small businesses in the United States has increased 49% since 1982. What are the key trends that small business owners should follow? On-Demand Business Models Will Become Widespread Technology companies fulfilling consumer demand via the immediate provisioning of goods and services will become more common. New Loan Options Available to Small Businesses Mobile wallets will […]

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How Your Business Can Benefit From a Retail Consumer Finance Program

68% of shoppers looking for financing prefer researching it online. Only 49% of shoppers know they can obtain financing in-store. According to 77% of consumers, financing influences where they shop. About 100 million Americans have less-than-prime credit scores. Consumer Finance Loan What is a consumer finance loan or CFL? It’s a type of subprime loan that borrowers get from consumer finance companies. Consumer finance loans are designed for those who have less than perfect credit. Also, those who have difficulty obtaining credit to purchase something that is out of their monetary range can apply for a consumer finance loan. Thanks […]

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American Express Merchant Financing Is Not The Only Option

Are you considering your options of getting financing for your business? Many entrepreneurs turn to a bank to obtain a small business loan, but very often they feel hopeless after being rejected. Banks tend to reject more people than they approve. Even if banks give you a green light, you’re likely to pay higher interest rates. Business Loan Challenges According to the 2016 Small Business Credit Survey from 12 Federal Reserve banks across the US, which was conducted in the last half of 2016 and included over 10.000 employer firms across all 50 states, small businesses feel optimistic about the […]

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5 Methods that Help Your Boutique Business Thrive

If you’ve recently started a boutique business, your already aware of how the many aspects of running a profitable small business can be overwhelming. Trying to stay ahead of big-name brands is quite a challenge – but not an impossible one. Consider the following tips that will help you build a successful business: Research Location (and research some more) It’s especially important for the boutique business to focus on finding a prominent location. You want it to be convenient so you can constantly attract and bring in new customers. If your business is hard to find because it’s not visible from […]

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Does Your Business Have Cash Flow Problems? Here’s How a Merchant Cash Advance Can Help

Cash flow impediment is one of the biggest problems businesses, especially young ones, face every day. A merchant can have slow cash flow because of several factors, some of which are outlined below. Weak sales Traders who are not selling enough to satisfy their target and meet expenses are already experiencing cash flow issues. Reasons for a reduction in the number of daily transactions can range from poor business management to an unexpected change in the market, such as the entry of a dominant competitor. It is also common for new businesses to suffer low sales in the first few […]

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How You Can Minimize Your Business Spending

Maintaining a steady cash flow is paramount for the healthy growth of your enterprise, and doing so demands streamlined spending habits. While we don’t recommend just going for the cheapest business services available, you should sit down and evaluate the areas where you might be able to save some cash. Here are a few tips on how you can cut operational costs while maintaining the quality standards of your goods and services. Bundled internet and phone packages As a business owner, you probably spend a lot on cellular and internet services. Because simply doing away with these expenses is not […]

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Applying For A Business Loan? 10 Important Points To Focus On

Applying for a bank loan is associated with many things. Filling out paperwork isn’t enough to get approved for a bank loan. Below you can find 10 important points to focus on before applying for a bank loan. Do You Qualify for a Bank Loan? If you see you cannot qualify for a bank loan, applying for it will hurt your credit. Find out the requirements of the bank beforehand. Most banks will tell you the lowest credit score, the cash flow and other qualifying factors they require. The Amount You Need Make sure to know the exact amount you […]

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How to Get Your Business off The Ground

Growing a business into a thriving venture is no easy task. It’s a winding journey through a path full of unglamorous work. Many entrepreneurs will tell you it’s their passion that saw them through the most challenging moments along the way. However, there are tips that can guide anyone to see their business off the ground and put it on its path to material growth. Instil an air of confidence There a lot of uncertainty at the early stages of growth of a business. That will normally remain the case until your enterprise becomes a little more established. During this […]

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