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FTC’s Merchant Cash Advances Probe: What to Expect

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has recently started investigating the merchant cash advances industry. The decision followed the FTC Commissioner Rohit Chopra’s call on eliminating deceptive small business funding practices. If you want to know more about the topic and discover a unique and exceptional merchant cash advance (MCA), you’re at the right place. FTC’s MCA Probe The diversification process taking place in the small business lending industry has resulted in additional disruptions in the space. These include both regulation and security concerns. Of course, the lending platforms available in the online marketplaces can’t be isolated from all these happening […]

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Instant Funding: Cash Advances Trend in Merchant Services

Business owners know how cash flow and timely funding are vital for them. Without continuous access to funds, you can’t pay your bills, meet payroll demands, or take your business to the next level. Instant funding is an immensely important factor in all this. What about cash advances? Where can you get them easily? Just read below and you’ll know. Getting Funds Instantly The payments ecosystem is undergoing major changes these days. Increasingly, shopping over the internet and via mobile device, mobile payments and free terminal deployments, electronic loyalty programs and new funding options like a merchant cash advance (MCA) […]

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2 Forms of Business Funding You Can Acquire in 24 hours

All small merchants need a reliable source of instant cash. Whether you’re sure you’ll meet bank loan requirements or not, nothing gives you financial confidence like knowing you can secure financing in as fast as 24 hours. Some opportunities are time-bound, so you won’t have the leisure of waiting for your bank to go through their long processes as you wait for a response— which may also be positive or disappointing. So where do you search when desperate for immediate financial backing? What are some forms of commercial funding that will work for your situation? 1-A Line of credit Lines […]

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Tap into Merchant Cash Advances to Bridge Your Business’ Financial Gaps

Today business owners favor Merchant cash advances over standard loans. Undoubtedly, that’s enough reason to shed light on why this funding alternative is gaining popularity over the most popular financing products that small business owners have relied on for decades. What is an MCA? Most business owners mistake a merchant cash advance for a high-interest advance or a short-term loan. But in reality, it is a sale. Contemporary lenders like FAM buy your upcoming sales at a discount. The borrower and lender settle on the amount of sales being purchased and at what discount. You can access MCAs without having […]

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What YOU Need To Know Before Getting a Cash Advance

There are plenty of good things about a cash advance… and a few bad ones. Below are the key things you need to know before obtaining a cash advance. Fixed Fee (also called the Buy Rate or Factor Rate): This number is how much you’ll eventually have to pay back. Generally it’s written with a decimal point (ex: 1.30), but you might also see it as a percentage (30%). The math is pretty simple: you get the number you’ll have to pay back by multiplying the cost of your advance with the fixed fee. For example, on a $1,000 loan, […]

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Are You In Need of Extra Cash in Your Busy Season?

Some may think that owning a seasonal business is a holy grail, as an owner together with his employees works hard only during the high season, and it can be just several months a year. Meanwhile, they slack off the rest time of the year. Sounds good, isn’t it? It is strange and yet true, running a seasonal business requires year-round work and good self-organization. It has some challenges, but the first, and the biggest is that the merchants should make money for the entire year in a few short months. A success of any company lies in going with […]

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Business Funding Options For Low Credit Score Holders: What is Out There For You

For many traders, bad credit is nearly impossible to avoid. Because a business relies on customer revenue, its loans and bills are rarely paid on time. And although the lenders and billing companies often give the merchant a few more days before branding it a late payment and invoking additional fees, credit reporting agencies usually update your credit file the minute you extend your stay with a loan or bill. That said, a merchant can’t afford to get frustrated when their credit score makes it hard to acquire funding. The best option is to look for alternative ways of raising […]

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Funding Your High-Risk Business – Why You Should Choose a Cash Advance

The high-risk sector is lucrative, but it is also marred with difficulties. Among the many challenges merchants in risky industries face is raising funds. Banks and other traditional lending institutions rarely issue loans to businesses that have a large probability of failure, and when they do, they usually choke up the recipient with high-interest rates and strict requirements. Business owners are often left grappling to find alternative sources. If you ask an expert, they’ll likely advise you forego high-risk business loans, and instead apply for a cash advance. And below are some reasons why it would be a good idea […]

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5 Steps to Prep for a Business Loan

High risk merchants often have a hard time acquiring business loans. Lenders view merchants in high risk industries as undesirable investments, even if the business owner is an experienced entrepreneur. But it is possible for high risk merchants to find and attain the necessary funds to start and grow their businesses. The following are a 5 steps to getting a business loan. Develop a Business Plan Many business owners only know that they could do with some extra cash. Lenders are not likely to disburse funds unless you can tell them exactly where the funds are going and how they […]

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A Guide for Choosing the Best Small Business Funding Option

Most business entrepreneurs choose to fund their startups through their own cash or savings. While this approach works well for many business owners, there will come a time when additional capital is required from the outside. With alternative lending options constantly evolving, small business owners are finding it easier and easier to evaluate what each lender is offering them (pricing, rates, terms, etc.). Ultimately, these non-bank lenders offer more choices. While it is fairly easy to find a list of alternative lending options for a small business, knowing what to consider while evaluating those lenders is not always as transparent. […]

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