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Are You In Need of Extra Cash in Your Busy Season?

Some may think that owning a seasonal business is a holy grail, as an owner together with his employees works hard only during the high season, and it can be just several months a year. Meanwhile, they slack off the rest time of the year. Sounds good, isn’t it? It is strange and yet true, running a seasonal business requires year-round work and good self-organization. It has some challenges, but the first, and the biggest is that the merchants should make money for the entire year in a few short months.

A success of any company lies in going with the cash flow. The seasonal businesses should be in high demand and profit to experience severe seasonal fluctuations and always suffer during off-seasons. The sales fall off, and you have less working capital to prepare your business for the coming high season? A merchant cash advance can help you to bridge over the difficulties. The idea is to be to offer these products. Of course, there are many solutions for a small business loan, family and friends, credit cards processing, Crowdfunding and your savings to maintain financial stability.

Anyway, let’s be clear that a merchant cash advance is more preferable for a seasonal industry, as it is easy and fast to obtain and pay back in exchange for a share of future sales.

  • There is no fixed repayment schedule, and a certain amount is deducted daily depending on the sales. In slow days you pay less, and in the case of high sales you pay more, what means you will pay the advance back sooner.
  • The requirements are not strict, and it has high approval rates.
  • The application process is quick and does not require any collateral.

Having obtained a merchant cash advance (such as one offered by First American Merchant) right before the high season you may count on the bulk purchase at a pretty good discount, thus and so you would get the drop on the competitors, as you are prepared to the full with newly-designed inventory and other required things.