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What Industry Insiders Recommend for Cash Advance Loans

If you are in need of funding, whose opinion do you ask? Your co-worker? Yahoo Answers? Google? NPR? The options are endless, but they are usually not the best way to find the best answers. Industry insiders are not shy about their opinions on the issue, and thankfully they give good advice. Below are some of their recommendations for small business funding. Crowdfunding: This is the new guy on the block, as well as the hot topic in terms of small business funding. While those with a big online following can reap its benefits, most cannot, and while you may […]

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How the Wrong Online Small Business Loan Can Cripple Your Company

Small business merchants know that it can be tough to find a loan. When banks turn them down and it seems like there is no place else to turn, some merchants jump on the first thing that comes by, without reading the fine print. This is a huge problem – and it can affect your business and your personal finances if you make the wrong choice. Some online small business loans are not worth dealing with. Payday-type loans are always a no-go, even if they claim the interest rate are good. The companies can end up charging you 150% of […]

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How Alternative Business Funding Can Help Your Startup Boom

So, you’re starting a company. Perhaps it is an electronic cigarette e-store, or a bookstore. Maybe it is a hair salon or a trucking company. Whatever your business, there are a few things that all have in common. They all need employees. They all need inventory or tools and products. They all need funding. This last one can be an issue, and the bank will not help you out if you are just starting out. Many aren’t sure where to go or what to do after they are turned down by the bank, but thankfully there are many alternative business […]

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Legalized Marijuana Funding Woes

Since more states are legalizing marijuana every year, it seems like funding options would be great. This is false, due to many reasons. Even though more and more companies are in need, regulations put a halt on who can lend to legalized marijuana businesses. The Feds, namely, have caused major issues by not lowering or deleting the illegalization and drug schedule of marijuana, making it pretty much impossible to obtain any funding from a bank. This leaves you with few options, and some are better than others. At the end of 2016, 25 states and the District of Columbia will […]

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Small Businesses That Have Trouble Getting Loan’s

Since the Global Financial Crisis, traditional lenders has placed more restrictions on loan applicants, which have decreased the number of small businesses that are approved for loans. According to a new study from Dun & Bradstreet and Pepperdine University, over a 3 month period, only 38 percent of small business that applied for bank loans were approved, in comparison to 70 percent of mid-size businesses. The following are some important steps to complete before applying for a small business loan. Keep Your Finances in Order Before you ask for a loan, ensure that your finances are in order. Lending institutions […]

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Bank Loans Still Difficult To Obtain For Small Businesses

Since the Global Financial Crisis (2007-09), small business owners had difficulty getting approved for a loan from a traditional bank or an alternative lender offering decent rates. Today, it has become much easier to get approved for a small business loan from an alternative lender. A recent study from Dun & Bradstreet and Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business and Management shows that only 38% of businesses were qualified for a bank loan. In comparison to 70% of mid-size ventures. What is more, today, the Small Business Administration provides even fewer loans. In addition, only 1% of small businesses surveyed […]

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Start Your Dream Business With An Easy Business Cash Advance Loan

How long have you been sitting on a great idea? Don’t wait any longer. Now is the best time to start your dream business. There are plenty of government, bank, and alternative sources of funding that make starting a company easier than ever. The following are a few pointers for entrepreneurs seeking to start their own company. Take a Step. One of the hardest things about starting a business is actually taking the first steps to start the process. So just do something. Start with a task that you like and can do quickly. Even if it’s the most asinine […]

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Keeping Work and Home Separate During the Holidays

The holiday season is hectic for everyone, but it can be especially tiring for merchants. While you would love to leave your work at work, it typically travels home with you. From checking online sales and invoices to taking employee calls, your work never stops. While some things cannot be helped, such as emergency, others can. Below you will learn a few tips to help control the chaos of the holiday sales season. First off, shut off your email for something more compacted and high-tech. Yes, there are such things. An app such as HipChat can lead to quicker chat […]

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Understanding the Importance of Public Speaking For Your Business

There is hardly anyone out there who is able to make a strong case against going an extra mile to master the art of public speaking. Why? Because the benefits of public speaking are obvious and plentiful. Yet, there are a large number of individuals who struggle when it is their turn to get a message across in public. Fear and anxiety gets the better of them. Truth is, this lack of importance we pay to public speaking shows that while we all know public speaking is important, we simply don’t know how important. As a small business, the first […]

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Four Ways You Can Bid Farewell To Your Business’ Cash Problems

In an ideal world, your revenue would far exceed your expenses and you would take home a great chunk of your total sales. However, a reality check could quite possible display a different scenario, especially when you are a start-up trying to find its place in the market. It is very likely that in this stage you will find yourself behind payments, running after clients, and trying make ends meet. Most businesses, if not all, operate for profit. But, in a business cycle, there is one thing more important than profit – cash flow. You need cash for just about […]

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