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How to Get a Business Cash Advance and Bridge the Money Gaps

Your business is not broke, neither are you! The problem for many merchants is that the need for money is often out of sync with the availability of funds. And that could happen for a couple of reasons— even your own mistakes. But no one is perfect (except in CVs and Resumes, where almost everyone shines). Such hiccups happens even to the most careful business owners. The difference, often, is that while one retailer is prepared to act fast and thoughtfully, others don’t even know where to start. A Merchant cash advance is so far the best way to weather […]

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When Is A Business Cash Advance The Right Choice?

You’ve heard a lot about what a merchant cash advance is, but do you know when the right time is to use one for you small business? Or when not to use it? The following information will help you know when a cash advance is the right choice, and when it is the wrong choice for your business’ growth. “I don’t have enough cash to cover payroll.” This is one of the most common reasons small business owners seek funding. As your business grows and you take on bigger projects, it can be hard to come up with the cash […]

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Why You Should Rethink the Merchant Cash Advance

For many, the merchant cash advance is surrounded by questions a reputation for high fees – a business’ last option. But experts are saying it is time for businesses and lenders to take another look at the merchant cash advance. It might be more helpful than was previously believed. The Lending World Has Changed “The merchant cash industry first started as a product for unbankable clients,” explained Andrew Mallinger, COO of PIRS Capital, in a recent interview with PYMNTS. “It was for restaurants that didn’t have collateral or the credit score to apply for a bank loan.” However, the rise […]

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Get a Business Cash Advance From a Reputable Provider

The merchant cash advance (MCA) industry has been growing with rapid advances recently. An MCA is a business loan alternative that’s turning into one of the most popular forms of financing for small business owners. Today, many business owners apply to get a business cash advance instead of a traditional business loan. That’s why MCA providers have become one of the leading sources of alternative financing in the past few years. This article will tell you about merchant cash advances and how you can obtain an MCA easily, affordably, and fast. A Merchant Cash Advance: What Is It? Historically, a […]

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Need Small Business Financing? Apply Online in Minutes

It never really seems to be a question of if your business could use extra funds; it’s usually more about how it could benefit from extra funds, when your business needs it the most and where you can get it. There are many different ways to externally fund your business, but not all of them will suit your specific needs and situation. Consider the two ways you can externally fund your business: debt and equity. If you choose to use debt, you will retain ownership of your company with an obligation to repay the investor. If you choose equity, you […]

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How to Get A Business Cash Advance Without Getting Scammed

Business cash advances have recently turned into one of the most popular types of business funding. Many business owners now choose a merchant cash advance instead of applying for a traditional business loan. Lots of hard-to-approve businesses are given a perfect opportunity to get access to working capital thanks to business cash advances. To get a business cash advance, you should find a reliable and trustworthy business loan provider like First American Merchant is a reputable business funding provider and payment processor that specializes in the high risk sector. With FAM, merchants can enjoy exceptional financing opportunities, regardless of […]

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Need Cash For Marketing? New Inventory? You Need a Merchant Cash Advance!

If you’re like many online business owners, you dream of receiving a chunk of money to fuel your success. But, the question is what do you really do with an infusion of cash? With the economy gaining traction and more opportunities for obtaining a loan or a business cash advance than ever before including First American Merchant, peer-to-peer lending, and crowdfunding, business owners definitely have the ability to obtain funding. How borrowed money is used can literally make or break your business. Spent wisely, it can be the key to generating more profits and taking operations to the next level. […]

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Quick Steps to Applying for a Business Cash Advance

  A business cash advance can save the day for a business that needs to access quick capital and has adequate day-to-day cash flow on their merchant account to repay the loan.  The purpose of this type of loan justifies the possible high cost of an advance. And since credit requirements are less than when applying for a small business loan, a cash advance could be the best option for any business that conducts plenty of credit card transactions each month but has a poor credit profile. The Application Process The average time for approval of a business cash advance […]

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How a Merchant Cash Advance Can Help You Offset Your Short-term Business Debts

Short-term loans typically appeal to retailers because they’re easy to get. For instance, getting a two-week loan from PayPal only demands a small amount of paperwork and a manageable servicing fee. The money is deposited into your account almost immediately, and you can fulfill your needs quickly. However, things start to go south when two weeks pass by, and your business still hasn’t recovered well enough to pay off the loan. What are your options? You could take the road more travelled and pay the servicing fee again to extend the loan for another two weeks, but you have to […]

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4 Ways to Consider Financing Your Business

Stepping into the world of business to offer your own products or services to the world is an exciting endeavor. Many entrepreneurs need business funding to take their business off the ground and grow. If you, as a business owner, follow the right steps, you’ll easily convince an individual or a lender to invest in your business. Here are 4 important factors to focus on when applying for a business loan A Solid Business Plan A business plan is made up of several important components. It serves as a living document for the upcoming 3-5 years, and can grow and […]

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