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Keeping Work and Home Separate During the Holidays

The holiday season is hectic for everyone, but it can be especially tiring for merchants. While you would love to leave your work at work, it typically travels home with you. From checking online sales and invoices to taking employee calls, your work never stops. While some things cannot be helped, such as emergency, others can. Below you will learn a few tips to help control the chaos of the holiday sales season.

First off, shut off your email for something more compacted and high-tech. Yes, there are such things. An app such as HipChat can lead to quicker chat access, which can help lessen the load on your phone, email, and brain. You can also turn off the email alert on your phone. Simple go into your phone settings (or app settings) and opt to turn off the automatic alert. This helps save time, and it can help save your phone battery.

Apps can be great though, and the whole category is the second tip. There are apps for nearly everything, and they can help. By keeping all of your bill paying, order tracking, employee paying systems on your phone or tablet, you can lighten your carrying loan (i.e. no laptop to tote around), and keep access to everything quick and simple. Just be sure that the apps are legit, because for every great app there is a non-secure, subpar app floating around.

A cloud-based POS can also help you keep track over your sales from home. This helps if a problem arises, and it also helps you on your days off. Yes, “days off”. While the holiday shopping season is chaotic, you need to take off time from work, per usual. It doesn’t help anyone if you are burnt out from your job.

You also need to make sure that your funds are in check. If not, you should check into a business cash advance. This is typically obtained from merchant account providers, like FAM. Also, there are start up business cash advance options available for new merchants, because all merchants can be in need of funding, at any time. This can help ease your mind during this busy shopping season, as it can keep product on the shelves, and pay for seasonal employees.