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Business Advice Galore: How To Rank Higher On Google Searches

You can look at internet searches as a sort of monopolizing issue. Many times, those who pay more play more; i.e. those who pay a lot of be featured are. Not every merchant can afford this, and thankfully now there are many things that merchants can do to avoid paying – and still get featured higher up on a Google search. First, use Google Metrics or another metric-based tool to analyze what triggers a good search result for your business. You may need to do some tweaking of your website and content formatting to get higher on the list, but […]

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How Email Marketing Can Save Your Restaurant

Do you own a restaurant? Restaurants are a high risk business, sensitive to trends, popularity and other variables that make traditional lenders too uncomfortable to invest in even the most successful restaurants. As a result, many restaurant owners depend on technology to support and market their businesses to generate and maximize profits. Email marketing is a cost-effective way for restaurants to gain and retain customers. Many businesses shy away from email marketing, but the truth is that 95% of recipients who subscribe to businesses newsletters do find them useful. Email marketing helps to build a loyal fan base. Emails keep […]

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Should Your Company Provide Stock Options?

One of the most valuable assets to a company is its people. But to get the best people, you must provide incentives to attract and keep them. A popular way to retain talent is providing stock options. Solid stock options give companies the ability to motivate and reward employees. The following are some major factors to consider when dealing with stock options. How Do Stock Options Work? Say Company Acne hires John M. and gives him the option to have 30,000 shares of the company at .25 per share. The option is based on a 3-year vesting with a one […]

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Small Business Loans are Not the Only Way to Advance Your Business

Small business loans can help merchants get the cash they need to grow their businesses. While this is a popular choice for merchants, it is not the best choice for most. There are many ways that you can advance your funding without the hassle of a bank loan – and get your funds in a short amount of time. However, a loan or cash advance is not the only key to cash. It takes a smart and well-informed merchant to succeed in our business markets. There are many ways to advance your business. From up-scaling product quality to increasing advertising, to […]

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Marketing Ideas for Your Struggling Restaurant

The economy is growing slowly, and hopefully this has helped your business. However, many are still struggling. Sometimes, it can be hard to market your business. While e-cig merchants and car dealerships have a never ending stream of marketing ideas, restaurants are often left trying to figure it out or themselves. Below are 10 ideas for marketing your restaurant, whether it is struggling or flourishing. 1:  Utilize social media. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or the latest and greatest fad, social media can help a restaurant better than almost anything else can. Pictures of your offerings can gain […]

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Renew Your Love for Business with a Cash Advance

Opening a business is exciting but requires a lot of work. In the beginning, owners love to stay late and provide exceptional customer service. This often leads to fantastic profits and high foot traffic. But owning a business also requires endurance and the maintenance of success. Successful business owners know that the initial fire for their business may fizzle out, and know how to manage their business after the thrill is gone. Here are a few quick tips that are guaranteed to help you fall in love with your business again. Do What You Love, Delegate the Rest If the […]

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Is a Business Loan the Only Option when Buying Out a Partner?

Making the decision to take out a small business loan is quickly accompanied by the realization that you will soon be asked a long list of pesky questions. “What is your annual revenue?” “What is your credit score?” To prepare, you have a huge stack of papers consisting of bank statements and balance sheets. You walk through the door prepared, expecting to have just as much of a chance for approval as the next business owner – you might want to reconsider. The truth is, not all loans are the same. Their uses are not always created equal, especially if […]

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Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out

Every business is unique, and every business should be represented uniquely. What works for your competition may not work for you, and vice versa. There are multiple ways for every business to advance their sales, and many times these methods are not costly. Even so, for a struggling business even the cheapest advertising can put a crimp into a company wallet. For money issues, merchant cash advance options should be the first choice to fund any needed expenses. From extra employees to advertising to unexpected bills, a merchant cash advance is used to help better any aspect or need of […]

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