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How Email Marketing Can Save Your Restaurant

Do you own a restaurant? Restaurants are a high risk business, sensitive to trends, popularity and other variables that make traditional lenders too uncomfortable to invest in even the most successful restaurants. As a result, many restaurant owners depend on technology to support and market their businesses to generate and maximize profits. Email marketing is a cost-effective way for restaurants to gain and retain customers.

Many businesses shy away from email marketing, but the truth is that 95% of recipients who subscribe to businesses newsletters do find them useful. Email marketing helps to build a loyal fan base. Emails keep customers up to date on discounts, specials and even give coupons. This keeps customers engaged with the restaurant and ensures their repeat business.

Email marketing is also one of the cheapest marketing tools with a wide sphere of influence. It also serves as an avenue to learn more about your customers. Owners can see which types of promotions generate the most interest and create targeted campaigns based on customer demographics. For example, you can segment your email list by a specific category like neighborhood or income level. Targeting decreases ineffective marketing and increases marketing impact. Plus most email marketing software is really simple to use. The set up and designing of a professional email marketing campaign is efficient, effective and much quicker than before thanks to software like MailChimp and Mad Mimi.

First American Merchant Advance (FAM) provides restaurants with critical merchant financing, regardless of credit. FAM provides a variety of programs that match any merchant’s needs.  Our most popular program, the merchant cash advance program, allows FAM to purchase a percentage of merchant future sales at a discounted rate. FAM and your restaurant will agree on the amount of sales to be purchased and for what cost. This arrangement decreases the risk for default for your business.

Don’t let the refusal of funds by traditional lenders stop you from starting or maintaining your dream. FAM provides no credit check financing along with flexible programs designed to deliver financing within 72 hours. You won’t have to submit any financials or tax returns to qualify. Get the funding your business needs today.