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Marketing Ideas for Your Struggling Restaurant

The economy is growing slowly, and hopefully this has helped your business. However, many are still struggling. Sometimes, it can be hard to market your business. While e-cig merchants and car dealerships have a never ending stream of marketing ideas, restaurants are often left trying to figure it out or themselves. Below are 10 ideas for marketing your restaurant, whether it is struggling or flourishing.

1:  Utilize social media. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, or the latest and greatest fad, social media can help a restaurant better than almost anything else can. Pictures of your offerings can gain your restaurant new customers, as well as entice old customers back. Likewise, ask customers to post their photos and tag your restaurant in them. “Real” photos can do a great deal of good marketing – and all you did was simply ask.

2:  Offer a loyalty program. Starbucks, Subway, and other restaurant chains offer loyalty points and cards to their customers. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant; even a free birthday entrée or desert can help bring in new customers.

3:  Use geo-targeted ads. These ads are not as complicated or as foreign as they seem; in fact, you have probably come across one today in your online search. When someone Googles “Chinese restaurant”, many of the first page of search results are local. This is geo-targeting. Targeting local searchers within a certain mile radius can help you gain business, and not waste money on Google “clicks” that are 500 miles away. Yes, it can cost money, and if you are in financial trouble, you could obtain a restaurant cash advance to help.

4:  Send out an email. This is a simple way to promote specials and beloved favorites. Many things can be put into the email, and the options are totally up to you.

5:  Show off your staff. This puts a personal touch on your business, instead of just being perceiving as a stuffy suit. Photos of staff at work, congratulating them on an anniversary, birthday, or other personal accomplishment can go miles.

6:  Watch your social media presence. While posting to social media can help your business grow, you need to watch what gets which views. Some posts can garner more views and shares, and you should focus on those.

7:  Share positive press. If you have a good review from a local newspaper, post about it online! Also, if you see it on one of their social media accounts, repost it to your account. It helps you get noticed, and it helps the news source get noticed.

8:  Verify that your information is accurate. Be sure that the online information about your restaurant is accurate. From hours to phone number to the type of cuisine, it all matters.

9:  Time your Tweets! Be sure to post before lunch or dinner time, in order to gain attention from that crowd in search of a meal.

10:  Be patient! Nothing works overnight, and patience is key. It takes hours for a good sauce to incorporate all of its flavors, and marketing is no different. Nothing good comes quickly.