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Do YOU Qualify for a Merchant Cash Advance?

For small and online business owners in need of fast access to capital to grow their business, business cash advance – also known as “merchant cash advance” – is a solid option. So, what is a merchant cash advance? In a merchant cash advance, a merchant gives businesses upfront cash or capital in exchange for a percentage or a portion of future credit card sales. Many small or online businesses are in need of merchant cash advances for things such as making payroll, growing inventory, purchasing new equipment/packaging/supplies, marketing or advertising dollars, expansion/renovation of business, rent payments, and more. If […]

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5 Alternative Business Funding Options for the Startup Entrepreneur

Whether your business is established or a startup, money is always a concern. From purchasing new equipment to covering payroll to hiring new employees, cash flow must be managed closely. Failing to do so will have devastating consequences. Opportunities will be missed, it will be difficult to keep up with the competition and/or growth and expansion will come to a halt. A year-end report by the National Small Business Administration (NSBA) revealed that 27 percent of the businesses surveyed claimed they were unable to secure the funding they needed. Desperate for funds to launch their venture or fund expansion and […]

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Merchant Cash Advance And Its Benefits

A Merchant Cash Advance, sometimes is also referred to as credit card receivable funding. It can be characterized as an alternative method of funding a small business, which is based on credit card sales. It’s quick, efficient, and easy to manage. To receive a Merchant Cash Advance, merchants should provide a predictable credit card sales volume. This business loan alternative is turning into one of the most popular forms of financing for small business owners. Today, many merchants prefer a Merchant Cash Advance to a business loan. If you think a Merchant Cash Advance is a short-term loan, or a […]

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How Merchant Funding can Rescue Your Business

Are you curious as to why small businesses are increasingly turning to a merchant cash advance for help? How does the merchant cash advance compare to traditional financing? Are the costs involved worth it? If you’d like some answers to your questions, consider the following example of how this alternative financing option can save the small business. Why choose merchant funding? Many business owners believe they’ve secured the appropriate amount of financing for their new business to succeed, only to discover their rapidly running low on working capital. First, they turn to the bank for a solution. On top of […]

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Merchant Cash Advance or Small Business Loan | Which Option is Right for You?

At some point, every business will experience a period where their cash reserves dwindle. Without sufficient capital, a business will be unable to grow, expand or take advantage of opportunities. Even after assessing cash flow and managing payables and receivables, it may still be necessary to look outside the business for solutions. This decision quickly leads to the next dilemma: which business funding solution is right for your business and its current situation? Some business owners seek the traditional small business loan, while others seek alternative options like a merchant cash advance. If you’re unsure which option would be right […]

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Alternatives to High Risk Business Loans for the Small Business Owner

Some industries are considered to be riskier than others. For these businesses, funding options becoming seriously limited. In an effort to secure the capital they require to operate smoothly and cover expenses, many turn to high risk business loans. The problem with trying to secure a small business loan with a bank is that traditional lenders are unwilling to work with risky industries or those struggling with a bad credit history. Even if they do offer specialized business loans, you can expect to experience long wait times for approval, hefty collateral requirements and extensive documentation requests. As a result, startups […]

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5 Ways Your Small Business Can Improve Cash Flow

Unfortunately, many small business fall victim to poor cash flow management. While it isn’t uncommon for a business – especially a startup – to operate at a loss initially, constantly struggling with your bottom line can place your business in a dangerous situation. Your business is only as healthy as its cash flow situation. Consider the following ways you can ensure your business’ cash flow improves and stabilizes. Create a Forecast Improving your cash flow situation begins with assessing where your cash flow currently stands, and where it is projected to be in the future. Small and mid-sized businesses experiencing […]

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Should You Use a Merchant Cash Advance for Small Businesses Funding?

Many business owners shy away from merchant cash advances, not fully understanding what they are or how they stand to benefit from them. Even if they are aware of what this product is, they might still be unsure if they should use it as a small business funding option. If you’re still trying to decide, the following information will help you. What is a merchant cash advance? Contrary to popular belief, a merchant cash advance is not a loan. It is simply a sale. The alternative lender offers your business a lump sum of cash in exchange for your business’ […]

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Choosing Alternative Funding Options For Your Small Business

With small business funding landscaping changing with rapid advances, modern business owners have more opportunities than ever before. Alternative lending has become quite popular in recent years. Nearly half to 2/3 of the businesses try to get business capital from non-bank sources and other places. The most important thing in this concern is to find the right option that will best suit your business needs. How Can Alternative Lending Help You? If you have financial challenges or there is a new opportunity for you to grow, alternative lending can be the best answer to the question. It gives you flexibility […]

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Choosing American-Made Products

A Consumer Reports National Research Center Survey shows 78% percent of Americans would buy products made in the USA. The reasons include economic concerns, consumer trust, and the importance of a successful manufacturing sector in the USA. The Costs of Switching to 100% American-Made Products Imports of goods and services in 2014 surpassed $2.85 trillion, which made the country the 2nd largest importer (behind the European Union) in the world. According to many experts in the field, the idea that American-made products cost more to make is not true. Based on a Bloomberg article, Americans think USA companies cannot compete on […]

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