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6 Ways to Improve Workplace Atmosphere and Boost Productivity

Before you know it, the pressure and stress of staying on top of day-to-day tasks can take up all your time and effort. It is easy to overlook the state of your company’s workplace atmosphere and the productivity of your employees. You obviously want your workplace to be as efficient as possible, so you can help avoid problems down the road. The following six tips will help you effectively manage and improve your workplace environment, while also boosting productivity. 1.      Focus on Company Culture Your company culture defines the environment in which your employees work. It involves shared […]

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The BEST Small Business Opportunities for Small Town USA

When planning a startup, entrepreneurs may be tempted by the innovative atmosphere of the Silicon Valley or other large urban landscapes. But plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs exist in small town America too. There are whole new sets of challenges, trends and other factors for small town entrepreneurs to consider. But there are advantages as well like lower costs and lower competition. And with the internet there is, of course, the option of reaching those larger markets while you and your staff enjoy a lower standard of living where your money goes further — especially in the lean years. Merchants, […]

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4 Ways to Consider Financing Your Business

Stepping into the world of business to offer your own products or services to the world is an exciting endeavor. Many entrepreneurs need business funding to take their business off the ground and grow. If you, as a business owner, follow the right steps, you’ll easily convince an individual or a lender to invest in your business. Here are 4 important factors to focus on when applying for a business loan A Solid Business Plan A business plan is made up of several important components. It serves as a living document for the upcoming 3-5 years, and can grow and […]

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How an ACH Business Loan Can Help Business Growing Pains

Business growing pains suck. They happen to most businesses – and if your business is going to be successful, it will happen. So, what do you do? First off, don’t panic! There are things that you can do to curb growing pains and other issues, and all without a bank loan. An ACH business loan is what you need. This is not a loan, but rather a “buy in” to your future sales. An ACH funding program, also called “Bank Only” funding allows providers like FAM to fund merchants even if they don’t have a merchant account. A business cash […]

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3 Questions to Help You Identify the Right Investor

The main concern you’ll often face as an entrepreneur is how to raise your first round of funding. The norm is to approach a few investors and bring them on board. Even so, some investors may not be exactly the right people you want to work with. So, how do you identify the right investors for your business? These 3 questions should point you to the right investor for your business. What is your characteristic bite size? You’ll generally have an estimate of the amount you expect each investor to inject into the business. And different investors typically put in […]

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Are ACH Loans Right for Your Business?

Are you the owner of a high risk business who can’t find a decent loan? Don’t bother searching for fair loans from traditional lenders. Most of the time, banks won’t even consider giving loans to high risk businesses, even if they are profitable. Luckily, there are alternatives available for high risk companies that need loans. ACH loans provide quick cash to business owners that avoid all the red tape and long wait times that come with traditional lenders. Should I Get an ACH Loan? ACH Loans (Automated Clearing House) are one of the best solutions for high risk companies that […]

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Is Your Website a Good Customer Service Agent?

To be successful, every business must have a viable website. But companies that will continue to grow know that their websites are often the first point of contact. These days, your website acts like a digital customer service representative. After all, when a potential customer wants to learn about a particular service or product they will come to your website first. If the website is cluttered, difficult to navigate, or the checkout process is slow, the chances that customers will return or visit your brick and mortar location is slim. Here are a few tips to make sure your website […]

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Many college students try to launch their own small business. Below, you can find tips that will help you start your small business and succeed. Your Status Can Help You Being a student enables you to take entrepreneurship classes, use assignments to do studies, and research the market you’re interested in. Besides, you can meet business owners in the field you’re going to enter and learn about the existing challenges. Also, you can turn to target groups, and ask them about their likes and dislikes about your competitors. Such feedback will help you make your offerings better. Don’t Miss School-Sponsored […]

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“Planning is bringing the future into the present.” – Alan Lakein Small business operation implies relatively limited budgets. If you’re a small-business owner, you should save up money wherever you can. Small Business Concerns As a business owner, you should have a thoroughly-designed budget plan so to successfully track and manage your finances. This is especially important in those cases when you face unexpected business expenses. According to a 2015 survey held by small-business credit provider Headway Capital, 57% of small-business owners expected growth, and 19% were worried about the impact that unexpected expenses could bring to their business. Sometimes […]

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Marketing To-Do List for the Holidays

Right now is the best time to capitalize on marketing for your business. If you sell merchandise online (which everyone should be), the holidays is the best time of the year to  promote products and services, engage with customers, and drive traffic to your website. If you’re looking for a little guidance on how to boost traffic and sales to your online shop, here are a few things to try. Marketing To Do List for the Holidays Thank Your Customers: Be sure to follow up with a thank you to the customers that spent their hard earned money on your […]

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