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6 Ways to Improve Workplace Atmosphere and Boost Productivity

Before you know it, the pressure and stress of staying on top of day-to-day tasks can take up all your time and effort. It is easy to overlook the state of your company’s workplace atmosphere and the productivity of your employees. You obviously want your workplace to be as efficient as possible, so you can help avoid problems down the road. The following six tips will help you effectively manage and improve your workplace environment, while also boosting productivity.

1.      Focus on Company Culture

Your company culture defines the environment in which your employees work. It involves shared values, beliefs, behaviors and actions. While every business’ culture will be different because every business is different, each company’s culture should establish an atmosphere that promotes creativity and innovation, values talent and encourages hard work. You want your employees to look forward to their day at work, not dread walking in the door. In short: happy employees are productive employees. As the leader of your business, your purpose, goals, behaviors, weaknesses and strengths will determine your company’s culture.

2.      Provide Ongoing Employee Training

If you want your company to thrive, it is important that you provide ongoing training for your employees, especially if you want to stay ahead in an ultracompetitive marketplace. Ongoing staff development has many benefits, including: staying up-to-date with industry changes, staying ahead of competitors, knowing the latest technology developments, maintaining knowledge and skills, identifying weakness and skill gaps and providing opportunities. Above all, investing in your employees will boost their motivation and job satisfaction.

3.      Eliminate Unnecessary Meetings

In all honesty, many meetings are simply unnecessary. They take up a time that could be better used elsewhere. If you know it, your employees know it too. Before you schedule the next meeting, ask yourself if there is a more effective way to address the topic or issue (test message, quick email, etc.). In only scheduling meeting when you really need to, your employees will grumble less and the meetings that do happen will be much more productive.

4.      Maintain High Standards

In the early days of your business venture, your purpose and vision are fresh in your mind. However, overtime, it is easy to allow your standards to slip; this ultimately affects the productivity of your employees and your business’ bottom line. It is critical that you maintain your high standards, communicate effectively and avoid toxic behavior at all costs. Make sure everyone understands what is expected from them, and how you require them to perform their tasks and responsibilities.

5.      Provide Feedback and Encouragement

It is much more motivating for employees if they understand what the goals are and what they are expected to achieve. When these short-term goals are completed, it is important to recognize those who are working hard towards your company vision. It is equally important to provide feedback – acknowledge accomplishments and go over errors/failure – so you can maintain employee productivity long-term.

6.      Remove Motivation Killers

Creating and maintaining a positive workplace environment will require that you remove – and continue to remove – motivation killers. From time to time, take a step back and assess the work environment. Are there any problems areas that adversely affect your employee’s motivation? The most common motivation killers include: toxic people, lack of opportunities for professional development, poor communication systems and abrasive personalities.

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