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The BEST Small Business Opportunities for Small Town USA

When planning a startup, entrepreneurs may be tempted by the innovative atmosphere of the Silicon Valley or other large urban landscapes. But plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs exist in small town America too.

There are whole new sets of challenges, trends and other factors for small town entrepreneurs to consider. But there are advantages as well like lower costs and lower competition.

And with the internet there is, of course, the option of reaching those larger markets while you and your staff enjoy a lower standard of living where your money goes further — especially in the lean years. Merchants, do your due-diligence and make sure that you are prepped and ready to go before you open your business. Be sure you know your financing options, and research your loan options (bank loan, ACH business loans, etc.). Below are some of the best small business opportunities for Small Town USA.

Grocery Store

Small towns also aren’t as likely to have chain grocery stores as bigger cities. So you can set up your own smaller store selling a variety of food products.


Or you could go into the restaurant business and start your own small town diner, where fewer fast food franchises or even upscale eatery franchises have yet made an impact.

Specialty Restaurant

In addition, your town might not have quite as much variety in the way of restaurants. So if you have a specialty, like making Thai food for instance, you could start your own restaurant in that niche.

Food Delivery Service

Or you could focus on providing food to consumers in a different way. Start your own delivery service to bring meals to those who don’t want to make the trip to buy food on their own.

Flea Market Seller

Flea markets can also be great venues for small town entrepreneurs to sell their goods. You can make your own handmade items or even resell products at your own flea market stand.

Handmade Artisan

You could also set up your own shop for handmade goods on a site like Etsy. And living in a rural area or small town could potentially give you access to some really unique supplies.

Furniture Upcycler

Additionally, you can sometimes find great vintage furniture pieces in small towns and then give them new life before reselling them.

Freelance Writer

Since small towns often offer lower cost of living, they can be great places for independent freelancers — whether writing for local clients or plying their trade online —  to set up shop. So you can start your own freelance writing business and save money on a variety of different expenses.