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2019 March Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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What You Need To Consider Before Seeking Small Business Financing

Starting a business on your own isn’t that easy. But why do tons of people choose to do so? Maybe, it’s because they believe that they can do it on their own and it’s not wrong to trust yourself. The big question is how businesses stand out in today’s competitive world? Wait, did you know that measuring a business isn’t by profitability? Sure, it’s surprising, but the truth is that it’s measured in terms of how stable it is. A smart business person knows how to make good use of the products he or she has to improve his or […]

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How To Increase Your Cash Flow Using a Merchant Cash Advance

Turning your business idea into a reality isn’t that easy. Many businesses start and fall at some point because of financial constraints. That’s why you need financial support to grow your business and make it stable. Now, the simple question is: what do you usually do when you start experiencing financial constraints? Were you at one point turned down by your traditional bank? Or did you feel like your traditional bank needed so much information before they could help you? Besides, it was just a tedious process that would waste your time, yet you needed money quickly. In most cases, […]

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6 Solid Reasons Why You Should Enable Live Chat Customer Support

Are you struggling to attract leads and make more sales with your business? It’s not that websites are no longer critical. It’s just that you haven’t provided the best customer service for your visitors. So, instead of your visitors being converted when they visit your business site, they leave after seconds feeling disappointed. American Express conducted a study, and they found out that nine percent of people living in America prefer brands that offer better customer services. Besides, one of the most influential men in the internet space – Jeff Bezos revealed that offering an exceptional experience prompts customers to […]

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What Happens When You Default on a Merchant Cash Advance

As we all know, you need some consistent cash flow to run your business. The problem is that you can never have enough. When starting your business, you will need sufficient funding to get off the ground. Whether you are the best planner, there will always be fluctuations and seasonal changes that will push to seek a merchant cash advance. The reason why most people are choosing this type of loan is that it’s easier to obtain as compared to other lending institutions, which have a long and tedious process. However, defaulting on a merchant cash advance can affect you […]

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Restaurants’ Own Apps bring More Orders: Restaurant Funding

Mobile apps have become incredibly popular all over the world. Did you know that during 2013-2017, digital orders at restaurants increased at an average annual rate of 23%. This number is projected to triple by the end of 2020. About 60% of these orders currently come from mobile devices, as the market-research firm NPD Group reports. So, why not use your own restaurant app? Where to find the best restaurant funding? Find answers below! Restaurants’ Own Apps & Restaurant Funding In the modern digital world, you can find an app for almost everything. So, why not use an app for […]

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How Can ATMs Stay Relevant? Discover the Best Countertop ATM

ATM machines turned 50 in 2017. In today’s world of digital banking and online retail, these machines are adapting to the global trend. Are you interested in a countertop ATM? Who can help you with this? Just read below and you’ll know. Modern Payment Processing: ATM Machines In December 2018, the payments study by the Federal Reserve revealed showed that ATM withdrawals at large banks dropped by 2.8% during 2016 – 2017. In the same month, the Pew Research Center reported the results of its online-shopping and eCommerce study. The latter revealed some interesting facts. Namely: 24% of US adults […]

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18 Customer Service Predictions You May No Know

Customer service plays a central role in the service context. Lots of survey results show that customer experience is becoming a priority for most companies. If you want to learn more about modern customer experience/service trends and find a business funding provider offering exceptional service to customers, just read below. Customer Experience in the Modern World of Business As Brian Halligan, CEO and founder of HubSpot, notes, the change rate during the early years of the 20th century around transportation is similar to the change rate regarding communications and marketing existing today. Building customer relations and loyalty in today’s ever-evolving […]

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Small Business Lending: Invoice & Fintech Modernizing Banks

Fintech companies and payment startups are focused on solving the problems facing small business banking and helping financial institutions modernize. If you’re a merchant on the lookout for the most reliable and cheapest small business lending, this article is right for you. Small Business Lending: Invoice and Fintech Small businesses account for growth and open up doors for innovation and new opportunities. Small business credit across the world became unproductive after the 2008 financial crisis. It hasn’t opened up until recently. Today, banks are often entering into partnerships with fintech companies to avoid competing. In fact, fintech companies have brought […]

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6 Unique Ideas for Your Next Small Business

Recent reports say that more than 20.5 million Americans own their own business. Another 53 million freelance in various fields. The rest of America wishes they owned their own operation. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) discovered that 58 percent of women and 69 percent of men in the U.S. agree with the statement “I would rather take a risk and build my own business than work for someone else.” So, what stops these individuals from going after their entrepreneurial dreams? On the long list of reasons, cash definitely ranks near the top. Today, finding small business financing […]

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Reports Say Small Business Optimism at a 45-Year High

According to the National Federation of Independent Business’ recent reports, the country is experiencing a record high in business optimism among small business owners. These same businesses are at a 45-year high for recruiting and filling jobs. Considering that this level of optimism has only occurred three times in the last three years, now is definitely the perfect time to capitalize on it if you own a small business. Thanks to tax relief, businesses are thriving. When businesses thrive, the economy prospers. Many companies have shared their plans to expand this year. They also intend to increase inventory, hire new […]

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