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6 Unique Ideas for Your Next Small Business

Recent reports say that more than 20.5 million Americans own their own business. Another 53 million freelance in various fields. The rest of America wishes they owned their own operation. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) discovered that 58 percent of women and 69 percent of men in the U.S. agree with the statement “I would rather take a risk and build my own business than work for someone else.”

So, what stops these individuals from going after their entrepreneurial dreams? On the long list of reasons, cash definitely ranks near the top. Today, finding small business financing is simpler than ever before. Thanks to alternative lenders, all you have to do to secure working capital is a get a business cash advance. Ideas, or the lack thereof, is also a big issue.

Are you one of the many Americans who would love to be their own boss? If so, check out the following unique ideas for small businesses.

Bar and coffee shop

This first idea is incredibly popular, but rare. This unique business idea combines the best of both worlds. A bar and coffee shop has something to offer at all hours: coffee in the morning, beer in the evening.


Do you have people asking for your help with fixing plumbing or rewiring electrical systems? Have you spent a lot of time helping people remodel their houses? If you have a skill at fixing or building things, you might want to consider starting a construction business and contract work.

Freelance writing and editing

With more and more companies focusing on their online presence, writers and editors are in high demand.  Businesses need people to write PR copy, polish their website, edit books and ghostwrite articles. With companies producing more written material than ever before, they need someone to help produce content and make sure it’s clean and professional.

Diet and fitness

Do you spend all your extra time researching diet and exercise? Are more and more people asking you for fitness advice? If the answer is yes, you’re sitting on a product that lots of people could benefit from. So many people want to live healthier, but have no idea where to start. Get out there, launch your business and start helping people change their lives.

App development

The best part of app development is that it provides the opportunity to make passive income. Each product you create will make money long after you stop putting hours into it. The key is to strengthen your marketing skills to help get your products out in the public eye.

Graphic designer

Graphic design requires a very unique individual; this job combines two fields that otherwise rarely overlap. You must have a technical competence and a creative eye to look at a blank page, envision what needs to be there and create it. An endless number of companies require these services every day to help them design logos and develop their brand.

If you’re in the process of starting your own business this year, be sure to keep financing in mind. Once you’re ready to take your business idea to the next step, you will need capital to make your plans happen. Our team at First American Merchant has years of experience in helping business owners secure the quick cash they need to get their business off the ground.