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18 Customer Service Predictions You May No Know

Customer service plays a central role in the service context. Lots of survey results show that customer experience is becoming a priority for most companies. If you want to learn more about modern customer experience/service trends and find a business funding provider offering exceptional service to customers, just read below.

Customer Experience in the Modern World of Business

As Brian Halligan, CEO and founder of HubSpot, notes, the change rate during the early years of the 20th century around transportation is similar to the change rate regarding communications and marketing existing today.

Building customer relations and loyalty in today’s ever-evolving world of business is of special importance. You should be focused on how you can bring value to your customers. You can’t do without innovating the customer experience. Otherwise, you’re not going to achieve success in your business.

Thus, working with a reputable business funding provider like First American Merchant that offers exceptional customer service to merchants is just must. FAM, an award-winning alternative online lender and processor, provides the most secure and cheapest funding options for merchants of any type and size.

Customer Service Predictions

We’re living in a seller-beware reality instead of buyer beware, as Halligan says. So, developing more customer-centric services is just a must. Here’re a number of predictions concerning customer experience/service to take into account:

  • Customers will get smarter and be better aware of what they need.
  • Customer service will more rely on data.
  • Customers will prefer easy-to-work-with companies.
  • Customer experience will get to the highest point of the marketing agenda.
  • More companies will segment their customers into groups/personas) to guarantee better personalization.
  • Social media will turn into a standard tool for customer experience.
  • Investments in AI and ML (machine learning) will grow. AI won’t only predict insights but also actions.
  • Blockchain will more change eCommerce customer support.
  • Self-service options and digital solutions, e.g., AI-driven chatbots, will play a greater role in direct communication. However, customers will always need human interaction.
  • Apps are more used for connecting with friends, family, companies, instead of calling.  So, mobile customer experience will follow the mobile commerce expansion.
  • There’ll be more focus on a good employee experience that can create a better customer experience and a better culture within the company.
  • Customers will get more interested in the most convenient way to connect with companies and obtaining what they want faster and without difficulty.
  • Companies will get more concentrated on providing self-service solutions that their customer need appreciate.
  • Digital channels will become more important than traditional ones. Investments in digital customer experience will increase significantly.
  • The majority of online buyers abandon their shopping carts because of the absence of quick answers to their questions about their intended purchase. So, supporting customers before they make a purchase will be of more importance.
  • There’ll be more focus on preventing potential damage. Thus, companies will work on alerting their customers and fixing an issue beforehand.
  • Face-to-face video communication will grow.
  • Real-time messaging will surpass email.

Customer experience/service is witnessing its most dramatic transformation since the beginning of call centers in the 70s. It’s crucial to follow the customer experience predictions so to be able to succeed in your business.