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2017 June Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Getting a Countertop ATM for Your Business

Are you, as a merchant, looking for ways to save money while generating revenue? A countertop ATM can help you increase sales to be able to accept more than cash. You can charge from $2-$4 or more for each transaction. Consider obtaining new and profitable ways of processing bankcard payments by cashless ATMs, which are also called Point of Banking terminals. Cashless electronic transactions offer a high level of convenience. Thanks to convenient payment options, your customers will buy more from you, thus increasing the sales average per customer. Get a Countertop ATM from FAM If you’re considering a countertop […]

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Merchant Cash Advances for Businesses with Bad Credit

As a rule, businesses with bad credit have a difficult time getting approved for business funding from a traditional bank or other financial institution. That’s why it’s of vital importance for businesses with bad credit to be able to find a reputable business loan provider like to get access to the necessary working capital. Finding a Reputable Cash Advance Provider First American Merchant is an award-winning alternative online lender and payment processor that specializes in the high risk sector. FAM offers the lowest possible rates and the best business funding opportunities to merchants of any type. Even if you […]

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Retail Consumer Financing for Your Tire or Auto Repair Shop

Are you a small business owner looking for the right way to finance your business? Consider a retail consumer finance program. It can help you get access to the working capital you need so to be able to grow your business and take it to new heights. Retail Consumer Finance Program There is a tendency in the retail industry to offer financing options to potential customers. The reason is that it can be of great help to those who have limited cash. Also, it helps you reach more potential customers. If you’re interested in a financing option, including a retail […]

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Getting Certified as a Minority Owned Business

Are you a minority business owner? If yes, consider becoming certified as a minority owned business. Government agencies and corporations are willing to conduct business and buy from minority owned companies, so being certified will make your business more appealing. The reason why corporations are willing to do business with minority owned businesses is that they realize that US minorities have great purchasing power. It’s no surprise that minority business owners may have a difficult time obtaining access to working capital to grow and expand their business. Fortunately,, a reputable business loan provider and high risk payment processor, offers […]

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Working Capital Loans | Pros and Cons

Working capital loans give businesses a great opportunity to generate capital and focus on business growth and expansion. To achieve success and take your business to the next level, it’s vitally important to have capital on hand so to be able to cover marketing costs, payroll, and any other financial expenses that you may come across within the daily operations of your business. Working Capital Loans A working capital loan can be defined as a specialized loan type that your business can receive. It can help you meet the everyday financial needs of running your business. If you draw a […]

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Business Loan Interest Rates

If you’re interested in business loan interest rates, you should take into account the fact there exist different types of products and businesses and the risks associated with these products and businesses aren’t the same. These are factors that have their impact on the overall rate of interest. Before we could proceed with our discussion, be aware that you can enjoy the lowest possible rates in the industry if you turn to a First American Merchant is an award-winning business loan provider and processor that has an A+ rating with the BBB. FAM offers exceptional business funding opportunities to […]

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Get the Best Short Term Loans for Your Business

No matter you are a startup with a slow business cycle or need a positive cash flow, you may be in need of business funding so to be able to fight the competition and grow. To meet your immediate financial needs, you can apply for a short term business loan. For this, you should find a reputable business loan provider like, to turn for short term business loans. First American Merchant is an award-winning business loan provider and processor that specializes in the high risk industry and boasts an A+ rating with the BBB. Short Term Business Loans With […]

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Get a Business Loan With Bad Credit

All small business owners know how difficult it can be to get access to working capital. This is especially true of those businesses that are tabbed as high risk or have bad credit. The important thing is that these businesses shouldn’t let bad credit or lack of business experience keep them from the loan money necessary to make their business grow. What Is Bad Credit for a Business? As you know, for years, bad credit could damage a business before it even began. Bad credit could make it impossible for a merchant to obtain a bank account, a plastic card […]

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Business Loans for Women Owned Businesses

Women-owned businesses made up almost 30% of all businesses based in America. They accounted for an economic impact of almost $3 trillion, thus generating or maintaining 23 million jobs, which is 16% of all the jobs in the US. In 2016, innovative companies were introduced by female founders. Women entrepreneurs earned millions to expand their businesses. Financing for Women-Owned Businesses It’s not too easy for women to get access to working capital. It can be challenging for them to obtain business financing from traditional lenders to grow their business. To give approval for a small business loan, traditional lenders can […]

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The Best Business Loans for Minorities

If you’re a minority business owner looking for access to working capital, minority business loans are just for you. With the help of a minority business loan, you’ll be able to cover all of the costs that your minority business needs. So, this is a perfect opportunity to get established and to continue to grow. Minority Business Loans from First American Merchant First American Merchant is a reputable business loan provider and payment processor that specializes in the high risk industry. FAM offers unique business loan solutions to merchants of any type. FAM provides financing for all who qualify. Minority-owned […]

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