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Business Loan Interest Rates

If you’re interested in business loan interest rates, you should take into account the fact there exist different types of products and businesses and the risks associated with these products and businesses aren’t the same. These are factors that have their impact on the overall rate of interest.

Before we could proceed with our discussion, be aware that you can enjoy the lowest possible rates in the industry if you turn to a First American Merchant is an award-winning business loan provider and processor that has an A+ rating with the BBB. FAM offers exceptional business funding opportunities to merchants of any type. With FAM, you can enjoy the best business loan interest rates in the industry.

There exist 2 types of business loans:

  1. Installment Loans

An installment loan can be characterized as a car loan. You borrow a certain sum and start making monthly payments on the loan until you’ve paid back the interest, as well as the fees, plus the amount you borrowed. When the balance reaches zero, the loan is fully paid back.

  1. Lines of Credit

A line of credit is like a credit card. Your lender determines a maximum amount of money you can borrow at any one time. When you need it, you borrow against that credit limit to finance your business. Each month, you start paying back what you can, which usually makes up minimum determined. When the balance is zero, the account remains active. The funds remain available until you need them.

By the way, an installment loan costs less to maintain and is a more secure investment for the lender as it offers reliable monthly income and is more likely to be fully paid back. So, lenders can offer installment loans at a lower interest rate as compared to a line of credit. However, each of these loans offers their unique advantages.

If you’re on the lookout for business funding, see what are your options, study them well and make your final decision. Choose a business loan that best suits your business needs and can be paid back at the lowest possible rates.