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2016 November Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Why B2B Marketers Should Try Snapchat

Snapchat is a new kid on the block as far as B2B marketing is concerned. As with any new trend, few marketers have jumped onto the Snapchat bandwagon, save for early adopters like the First American Merchant. And others are just outright reluctant to add this disappearing-video messaging mobile app to their repertoire. What could be the reason for this reluctance? Snapchat’s biggest majority of users – 71 percent to be precise, are aged south of 25. Not very many business execs are aged that young, and this is perhaps impacting on the decision by many B2B marketers to be […]

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Great Ways to Connect With Customers

Businesses create loyal customers every day. But some businesses manage to create a community of diehard fans. Either category of businesses have their ways to connect with customers. But what makes others connect so effectively with the people they serve? Of the many ways to connect with customers, there are those that are simply more effective than the rest. Here are some of the tried and true ways to connect with your customers. Survey the customers A business is able to satisfy customer needs if it understands what these needs are. Through a survey, your business can identify user needs […]

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How to Get Your Business off The Ground

Growing a business into a thriving venture is no easy task. It’s a winding journey through a path full of unglamorous work. Many entrepreneurs will tell you it’s their passion that saw them through the most challenging moments along the way. However, there are tips that can guide anyone to see their business off the ground and put it on its path to material growth. Instil an air of confidence There a lot of uncertainty at the early stages of growth of a business. That will normally remain the case until your enterprise becomes a little more established. During this […]

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How to Choose the Right Business Partner

The business landscape is populated with partnerships – some that are successful and others that have turned out unfruitful. If you want to open up for a partnership, here’s what to keep in mind: there’s no standard right or wrong way to find a business partner. There are just a few tested and true guidelines that will often land you a viable partner. Depending on how well the partnership is conducted, you can always build a successful business out of it. Here’s some help. Determine your reasons for wanting a partner Anyone with all needed resources would want to move […]

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How Businesses Can Adjust To the New Overtime Rule

The US Department of Labor overtime rule determines which employees are exempted from overtime. Employers are not under obligation to pay overtime to exempt employees. They are however required to pay employees for any overtime hours worked if the employee is non-exempt. The country’s new overtime rule is designed to increase the number of non-exempt employees by making 4.2 million exempt workers non-exempt. This means that businesses are up for an increased number of workers to be paid for every overtime hours worked. Yet the wages paid to non-exempt employees during these overtime hours are typically higher. All businesses, scale […]

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Common Challenges Every Entrepreneur Faces but Never Shares

If you look at a successful businessman, all that comes to mind is just how lucky they are and always have been. What you never allow yourself to figure out is the kind of internal struggles they go through, or the ones they might have had to bear with to get to where they are now. Get close and personal with most successful entrepreneurs and you soon realize there’s so much you can relate to. Especially their struggles. Matter of fact: no successful person ever planned for what they have achieved, they simply pursued it with determination, and eventually that […]

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How To Battle The Construction Off Season

Baseball isn’t the only thing that takes the winter off. If you work in the construction field, you know that cold weather brings the “off-season”. The frozen ground, and the longer cement drying time… can cost extra bucks that you just do not have, and that your clients do not want to pay. However, there are ways to battle off-season, and they are easier than you may have initially thought of. Go indoors. Focusing on your indoor operations can keep your business steady in the cooler months – and also during rainy, hotter times of the year as well. While […]

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Which Is The Best Funding Option For Your Small Business?

Business funding varies from situation to situation. No matter you need to expand your staff, purchase new equipment, or handle other expenses, you need finances. Below you can find the most popular funding options for small businesses: Bank Loan A bank loan is typically granted as an installment loan. This type of loan offers predictable repayment schedules that are easy to budget around. Qualifying for a bank loan can be challenging. Business Line of Credit This is an unsecured line of credit. It isn’t secured by your personal assets. Online lenders will use data to help you immediately get access […]

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How To Meet The Standards When Establishing Business Credit

As you may have heard, almost 90% of all small businesses do not survive the first two years of operation, according to the Small Business Administration (SBA). Lack of financial resources is one of the reasons of this failure. Business Credit Business credit is also referred to as commercial credit. Today, online lending platforms are increasingly becoming a preferred choice for many business owners. They have made the application and decision making processes faster than ever before. Merchants looking for small business loans in Puerto Rico should consider turning to (FAM). First American Merchant is a top-rated and award-winning […]

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Choosing American-Made Products

A Consumer Reports National Research Center Survey shows 78% percent of Americans would buy products made in the USA. The reasons include economic concerns, consumer trust, and the importance of a successful manufacturing sector in the USA. The Costs of Switching to 100% American-Made Products Imports of goods and services in 2014 surpassed $2.85 trillion, which made the country the 2nd largest importer (behind the European Union) in the world. According to many experts in the field, the idea that American-made products cost more to make is not true. Based on a Bloomberg article, Americans think USA companies cannot compete on […]

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