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2016 May Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Secure Financing with FAM

If you are a small business owner in the high risk industry or with bad credit, you’ve probably had a hard time securing financing from banks and other financial institutions. However, most traditional lenders are not willing to risk their money on merchants with less than perfect credit or little business experience. But there are lenders that provide a variety of services for merchants within the high risk industry that will infuse your business with the necessary cash to grow. Merchant cash advances and ACH funding are two popular funding options for high risk merchants. First American Merchant Advance (FAM) […]

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Level Up Your Business with a Merchant Cash Advance

Do you own a small business in a high risk industry? If so, you may have a hard time getting a small business loan. Merchant cash advances are a new source of funding for merchants in high risk industries that most banks won’t give a second look or a first chance. Merchant cash advances have shorter contracts, less restrictions and much faster approval times. If you are a first time small business owner or have bad credit, you could benefit from a merchant cash advance. Merchant cash advances benefit a wide variety of high risk businesses including these: Automotive Repair […]

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How the Need for a Cash Advance can lead you to The Ways of Buddhist Monks

Money and Buddhist Monks may not seem like the go together, but when you are in the search of business funds, the thinking of a Monk can benefit your search. European soccer teams have figured this out, and the practice of simple thought can help grow their success – and what they are searching for. Now, while joining a monastery will not gain you the funds you need, the thought process may help ease your mind, and simplify your search. The first thing that you need to know this the thought of “not changing things just because you can”. We […]

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Looking to Grow Your Business? Look No Further than FAM’s Cash Advance

Business funding is something that is needed by almost every merchant at some time. From the time a business opens, money matters can be challenging, and the search for a reputable lender can be just as challenging. For some, such as high risk merchants, the search can be endless. For these merchants, they should seek out merchant cash advance loans. The term “loan” can cause fear in many. Our traditional understanding of a loan is a high interest borrowing, with collateral on the line. Today’s loans are usually the same, sans merchant cash advance loans. With a merchant cash advance […]

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ISO Merchant Account Holders, Read Your Fine Print!

Most merchants accept credit cards. Whether it is online or in person, accepting credit cards is often the “make or break” element of a business. While the need to accept these cards is high, many merchants have issues finding a cooperative merchant account provider to do so. This leads some merchant to accept poor offers, packed with few benefits and high interest. Whether you are a high risk merchant or a mainstream merchant, all ISO merchant services users need to go over everything with a fine tooth comb before signing on the dotted line. This is one of the things […]

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Alternative Business Funding Solutions for Your Struggling Business

Many businesses struggle from time to time. From high risk businesses to mainstream businesses, the struggles can mirror each other. One issue that can arise in high risk businesses that may not affect mainstream businesses is the lack of business funding options. While a mainstream business can get a bank loan with a decent interest rate, a high risk merchant cannot. This can leave high risk merchants in a bind, trying to find funds to help save their business. High risk merchants should look for alternative business funding solutions. While some turn to crowdfunding sites, this is often a failure […]

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From Alternative Business Loans to Failure: Top Business Tips from Bigwigs

All merchants need help at one time or another. From business funding options, to technology, to employment, the options are endless when it come to the needs of merchants. Some issues are easily solved with Google or a call to your account, while others take more exhaustive searches and inquiries. Some of the best help available can come from other entrepreneurs who have made it through the trenches and persevered in their industries. Below are some tips from some of today’s most successful business leaders. The first comes from Drew Houston from Dropbox, and his advice helps in our person […]

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Bad Credit & Bankruptcy Woes: Cash Advance is a Great Business Funding Option

The numbers for Americans filing bankruptcy has gone up in the past ten years. While others employ many of these filers, some are self-employed. This can cause trouble not only for their person financing, but also for any issues involving their businesses. While a person bankruptcy should not affect a business, it does. The problem does not come from loss of business, or stagnant business, but rather the solutions to fix these issues. Business funding options are slim for those with good credit, so imagine the challenges for those with bad credit or a bankruptcy. Interest rates for a bank […]

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Loan Application Declined: the Next Step to Success is a Merchant Cash Advance

High risk merchants, and merchants with other issues have trouble getting a bank loan. While this may seem like a downer for your business, it is actually a blessing in disguise. Bank loans have a high rate of default, even for businesses that are not considered “high risk”. While you are still in need of extra funding, you need to forgo a crown funding account, donating plasma (though it is a nice thing to do), and asking Grandma. The one thing that you need to do is to contact your merchant account provider and ask for a merchant cash advance. […]

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I Can’t Get a Business Loan Anywhere, Help!!

For some merchants, finding extra funding is simple. Whether it is a bank loan, a wealthy relative, or a bunch of friends piling their money together, sometimes extra funds seem to come easily. For other merchants, this is not the case. High risk labeled merchants typically have issues finding funding – even if it is a few hundred dollars. The banking industry doesn’t help matters, either; these businesses are often turned down, even if they are successful because of their “high risk” label. While finding funding can be tough, it can be done if you know where to look. The […]

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