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Looking to Grow Your Business? Look No Further than FAM’s Cash Advance

Business funding is something that is needed by almost every merchant at some time. From the time a business opens, money matters can be challenging, and the search for a reputable lender can be just as challenging. For some, such as high risk merchants, the search can be endless. For these merchants, they should seek out merchant cash advance loans.

The term “loan” can cause fear in many. Our traditional understanding of a loan is a high interest borrowing, with collateral on the line. Today’s loans are usually the same, sans merchant cash advance loans. With a merchant cash advance loan offered from FAM, you are given the benefit of extra cash for your business – without the fear of high interest rates and losing collateral. First off, interest rates are industry standard, even for those with high risk labeled businesses. There is also no collateral needed, as this is not a typical loan, but rather a buy-in on your future sales.

There is no hassle when applying for a merchant cash advance loan. The paperwork is minimal, since your merchant account provider already has your statements. Payments are also hassle-free, thanks to the remarkable payment plan. Instead of one large lump sum payment monthly, your payments are taken out in small increments every time you make a credit card sale. The opportunity to obtain a merchant cash advance loan is high, because the deciding factor is your business performance and not your credit score. Perhaps best of all, you can have the cash you need in as little as 72 hours.

When merchants are in need of extra funds, they need to look no further than cash advance loans from their merchant account provider. FAM is one that offers them to high risk merchants in the USA, regardless of their high risk issue. From a troubling industry to bad credit, and even bankruptcy, these merchants can obtain the funds needed to fuel their business growth with a simple call to their merchant account provider. Contact yours today to learn about this revolutionary funding option.