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2015 July Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Marketing Tips That Will Get Small Businesses to the Top of Their Game

Today, most consumers prefer to do their shopping over the mobile. This makes mobile phones an essential mode of promoting your business. A good majority of shoppers are willing to share with merchants their personal information when incentives are involved. Some people who tend to hold back personal information do so because of issues mostly touching on their credit history. But there are ways through which you can encourage customers to be transparent. The First American Merchant, for instance, allows customers to get a cash advance with bad credit. This encourages people to open up even when they have bad […]

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Keep Your Bank Accounts to a Minimum as Business Grows- Here is Why

With the increasing availability of business financing including merchant loans for startups, organizations grow more quickly. Most of them eventually contend with one common question as their businesses multiply: open multiple bank accounts or not? The usual temptation is to open separate accounts for businesses situated in various locations so they can run independently. These may often be branches of the same enterprise. The main concern is with the operation of various expenses and payroll. Experts, however, suggest that you retain a single bank account despite the expanding size of the business. Benefits of maintaining minimum bank accounts It is […]

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Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century: it’s all About Your Network

With the market becoming ever more competitive, many people are tempted to think it is no longer possible for them to make it as entrepreneurs. This, of course, could not be any further from the truth. The global business approach has changed and with it the tools of trade. It merely requires some degree of innovation to make it in today’s global market. Most people especially the youth never really get to accept their potential to become achievers in business. It is the mere lack of faith in oneself that hold them back. Yet, when a few of them get […]

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Tips to Consider Before Getting a Small Business Loan

Getting a small business loan is one of the most important things to consider when first launching a business. With employee salaries, upfront equipment costs and marketing, you’ll need to come up with a ton of funds in order to hit the ground running. Here are some tips to help you get your high risk cash advance and make the most out of it. Know How Much You Need Knowing the amount of money you need is incredibly important. Before approaching any type of financial institution, you’ll want to have a plan. Come up with a fully detailed strategy on […]

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How Raising the Minimum Wage Affects Small Business & Retail Employment

As the cost of living continues to increase on a yearly basis, so does the minimum wage. Minimum wages are dependant upon states; each state gets to set the minimum wage while remaining within the federal standards. Some states choose to raise the minimum wage in order to reduce the amount of poverty, but does it really have that effect? Studies have shown that raising the minimum wage actually increases poverty since the amount of small business & retail employment decreases. Since most small businesses, including start-ups, don’t have large amounts of capital to work with, they normally have to […]

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3 Companies Worth Billions Today that Started Small

Small businesses often launch with entrepreneurs who have to live and breath the business. Motivation is a huge factor and keeping the eye on the goal is of utmost importance. When just starting out, entrepreneurs need to seek small business funding, they need to work longer hours and they need to push as hard as they can to make their dreams a reality. However, those who do keep at it and work as hard as they can often end up succeeding. Many huge businesses actually started off quite small and had to work hard just like any other company. Here […]

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Square vs. Merchant Accounts – Which Should You Choose

When going into business, you’ll need to find a solution that allows you to accept credit card payments. Many out of box solutions are available such as Square. These simple solutions allow you to quickly and easily start accepting credit cards. However, they do have their downside. Lets take a look at the main differences between Square and an actual merchant account. Square Benefits: Square is incredibly easy to setup and any business can use it. Even if you’re a high risk business, you can begin accepting credit card payments with this option. The pricing is simple as well; 2.75% […]

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7 Business Ideas You Can Launch Right Now

Getting a new business off the ground takes months and often requires a massive amount of funds. However, there are many businesses that you can launch right now without lots of investments and tons of months of preparation. With a small merchant cash advance and a little motivation, you can become the entrepreneur that you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Internet Research Companies pay lots of money for quality research. Although it’s incredibly simple to do, it’s time-consuming, which ultimately costs big businesses money. With nothing more than a computer and an internet connection, you can get paid $45 per hour […]

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5 Ways to Make Money for Entrepreneurs with No Start-up Funds

Starting up a new business often requires a massive amount of funds. However, being your own boss doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a ton of money right from the start. Even with a simple start up business cash advance, you can be on your way to making good money. There are several ways that you can bring your entrepreneurial spirit to life and make money on your own without lots of start-up capital; here are 5 of them. Create Something of Your Own Building something of your own is a wonderful way to get a new business […]

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You’re Never Too Old to Be a Success

These days we only hear about young, whiz kids who start businesses. For some reason, we think that in order to be incredibly successful, you have to start out young. But this is not true. Many entrepreneurs start companies after the age of 30. There are tons of examples in history that prove you can be a major success after you’ve had a career, children, or even grandkids. So if you have an idea or passion that has been festering for years, take a breath and invest in your dream. Although Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook at 19, far more billionaires […]

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