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3 Companies Worth Billions Today that Started Small

Small businesses often launch with entrepreneurs who have to live and breath the business. Motivation is a huge factor and keeping the eye on the goal is of utmost importance. When just starting out, entrepreneurs need to seek small business funding, they need to work longer hours and they need to push as hard as they can to make their dreams a reality.

However, those who do keep at it and work as hard as they can often end up succeeding. Many huge businesses actually started off quite small and had to work hard just like any other company. Here are 3 businesses that are worth billions of dollars today, but were worth nothing back in the day.


Steve Jobs revolutionized the world by bring Mac computers, iPhones and all other Apple products to the market. However, Apple wasn’t always a billion dollar business; Jobs actually started out in his garage. He built an empire with hard work and determination, but most importantly, he knew exactly where he was going. His vision was to create household computers that would become a regular household electronic just like TVs. The business started off with just two employes; Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, but soon became a huge corporation.


As one of the most recognizable franchises in the world, Starbucks is worth billions of dollars. Many small business owners aspire to become just a fraction of the size that Starbucks is today. However, before becoming a worldwide sensation, Starbucks was a small business selling coffee out of one shop only. Starbucks started out in Seattle in 1971 and it wasn’t until 1987 that it began its expansion. Today, you can spot a Starbucks in almost any North American city.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield built one of the largest ice cream empires in all of America. However, their famous Ben & Jerry’s ice cream stores were not always huge and popular. They started off with a first location in Burlington, Vermont, which was actually a renovated gas station. Their ice cream making course cost them only $5 and they then went on to create unique flavours of their own. Every year since 1979, Ben & Jerry’s hold a free ice cream day.

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