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2015 July Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Set Your Salon Up for Success

Do you dream of opening your own hair salon? Now may be the best time in recent history to do so. According to a recent report by the Professional Beauty Association, the salon industry is booming. Although there is a renewed demand for salons, there is stiff competition. Last year, over 900,000 salons opened across America. All this means is that you must have a solid plan in place to ensure the success of your business. The following are a few tips from the experts that will get you on the right track. Find a Mentor Before you start making […]

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How to Keep Your Restaurant Doors Open

An increasing number of Americans are starting to prefer prepared food from restaurants at home or dine out. The amount of food service companies have skyrocketed to almost 1 million. Consumers want tasty dishes without the hassle of making them or cleaning up afterwards, and it seems the trend will continue to grow. This means that now is the perfect time for restaurateurs to develop their own restaurants. But even though the demand for prepared food is huge, many restaurants fail within their first year of opening. Here are some critical tips to keep the doors of your new restaurant […]

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How the Greek Crisis May Affect Your Business

The debt crisis in Greece has had the world on edge all summer. Markets and businesses all over the world are preparing for all possible results. No one really knows how the Greece debt crisis will affect the economies of other countries, but global economic experts have targeted several major economies to see how the debt crisis might hurt countries with large and influential populations. The countries of Chile, China, Hong King, Brazil, and Germany are discussed. Little to No Impact The Greek debt crisis, most experts believe, will have very little effect on the Brazilian economy or on the […]

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What a Cash Advance Could Have Done for Apple

The American economy still thrives on small businesses. The truth is now more than ever is the time to invest in your small business. There are a variety of loan options that go beyond traditional banks and financial institutions that will lend sizable amounts of cash to entrepreneurs with little business experience and those with bad credit. Even the best ideas, with the strongest leadership can languish without a little financial help. Who knows what billion dollar companies like Apple, for example, could have done with a cash advance to help jumpstart their enterprises? In 1976, Steve Jobs and Steve […]

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Start Your Dream Business After 50

Many people believe that they have to be young and brilliant to start their own business. However, starting a business is not just for the young. If you’re over the age of 50, you still have a chance to live your dream. Anyone with a solid plan and vision can have a fair shot at building their business with only a few steps. Identify the Market. Figure out who your customers are and what services they are willing to pay for. Research, analyze, and test services and products to see what works before investing too much into your business. Always […]

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The American Dream | Successful US-Based Businesses Started By Immigrants

The vast majority of us have ancestors who were immigrants, or we ourselves immigrated to the US from elsewhere. This country was built on the hard work and dedication of immigrants, and today it is no different. While most news coverage of immigrants is slanted to a negative light, immigrants have achieved much success in the US. While we think of successful Americans, such as Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey often, many successful business people were immigrants. One of today’s most popular (and most used) technological outlets, Google, was founded by an immigrant. Sergey Brin comes from Russia, and came […]

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Students Loans Are Hurting Small Businesses

Student loans can affect your life in many ways. From your credit score, to affording a car or home, and even starting a business, student loans can cripple your financial capabilities for years. While small businesses are the bread-and-butter of most communities, the lack of financial capabilities for student loan holders can damage their chances of successfully operating a business. While their business decisions may not be bad, other factors come into play when it comes to successfully operating a business. One of the biggest comes from business funding. While folks with good credit can get a bank loan, this […]

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Inventory Software Can Better Your Business

There are many upgrades that can better your business. From new signage to new displays, to even new employees, the possibilities and options are endless. However, if you are an online merchant the possibilities are a little limited. Of course, you can update your website, but other than that, few online merchants know of ways to upgrade their business. One of the best, and most underrated, methods involves inventory software. Inventory software is useful for both brick and mortar and online businesses. It can help you keep track of your inventory, as well as keep track of what has been […]

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How to Take Your Tech Company to the Top

Many entrepreneurs are looking for industries to invest in that will give them a quick payday. Over the last twenty years, the tech industry has produced what seems to be overnight billionaires. This has driven many young techies to throw money and resources into tech companies that often fail. But how do individuals with legitimate ideas and solid business plans create their own startups to get acquired by major tech companies? The following are a few ideas from entrepreneurs who have made it big in tech. Most successful startups are founded by people who aren’t necessarily trying to get rich […]

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Electronic Payments Can Save Your Business

In the digital age, small businesses have the chance to effectively compete with larger companies with bigger budgets. Small businesses must partner with payment processors to help them understand and utilize new technologies that will help them process payments faster and more efficiently. Payment technologies can be the answer to increasing customer counts, but only if small businesses know which tools to invest in. In a competitive market, this strategy is key to increasing profit for merchants. A recent survey by the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA) and Goldman Sachs shows that loyalty-based solutions and other services lead to lower levels […]

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