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2015 May Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Is Your Small Business Constantly Needing More Time?

Time. It’s what everyone talks about but everyone seems to be short on. Everyone wants more time, but very few people teach themselves to value their time appropriately. Instead, they end up wasting it on unproductive tasks. For the small business owner, time is money. It is easy to become swamped with day to day tasks. While completing the daily to-do list is important, it does not leave much time, if at all, for the bigger picture. Those big project or big ideas that you never get around to are the ones that can have the greatest impact on your […]

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5 of the Hardest Things about Running a Business

 “What is the hardest thing about running a business?” This question will likely bring a wide range of answers. However there are many aspects of running a business that all entrepreneurs would agree they’ve had to go through at some point during the process of starting/running their business. Making the transition. Many find it difficult to make the transition from entrepreneur to business owner. In the very beginning, you are completely starting from scratch. Your outlook and focus will be different during this stage than when you move to growing an existing operation. It is necessary to “switch gears” so […]

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Competitive Tips to Help Your Business Succeed

Business today involves so much more than motivated employees and a high quality website. If you want to run a competitive, successful business, you are going to have to integrate much more. Adopting the right practices can give you that extra edge. Certain practices can help you considerably cut your costs while also encouraging greater communication, all while enhancing the customer’s experience. Enhanced POS Technology. Utilizing POS hardware and software will allow you to increase sales and track inventory faster and easier. For store owners, this technology allows you to control gift vouchers, credit notes and customer loyalty rewards from […]

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How a Merchant Cash Advance can Save Your Business

What do you do when traditional financing sources fail you? Sometimes, for various reasons, traditional financing sources will turn you and your business away saying that you are too “high risk”. For those placed in this situation, the need must be filled in order to save the business. While the economic situation continues to slowly improve after the harsh recession, there are still many businesses out there that are struggling and feeling the effects. Whether it was needing to upgrade/update inventory, not having the same volume as before or increased operational costs paired with lower margins, these situations all leads […]

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Mobile Payment Apps Now Drive Businesses- This is How

Time wasted in the course of conducting a business is never easy to recover. In fact the most accurate term to use is ‘making up’ for the time wasted. Still even if you are trying hard to make up for business time, the reality remains that you could as well have had the same performance and realized the same productivity had you not wasted some time. That would translate to more productivity. The era of the invoice is fast being replaced with the mobile payment platforms. The smartphones are replacing the wallets, or, should I call them the mobile wallets? […]

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Key Steps to a Successful Monthly Close

Your monthly close tells how your business faired during the course of the month. It is the process where you record and reconcile all the transactions that took place in the course of the ending month. At this point you are involved in book closing, or, closing the related temporary accounts. The process will guard you from conducting a blind business as it portrays the financial standing of your business. It also provides you with a fresh start to the new financial period. You will be relying on your closing figures to create accurate financial reports. And you will depend […]

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All Indicators Point Toward Chip & PIN Cards as Being the Best Protection to Consumers’ Data

There is no clear count or record for the number of cases of fraud or the amount of loss that has been realized even in the past year alone. One thing is for certain though, there has been high level of fraud incidences in the US. The advancements made in terms of technology have not just brought good alone, they have helped the fraudsters develop even better approaches to their criminal acts. Many victims of scam activities have either lost huge sums of money, remained with a long list of bad credit or been held to account for felonies they […]

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Today’s Big Businesses were once Garage Businesses

It may seem like your small business is destined to stay small. You may think that there is no hope for major growth, even if you have a steady customer base. While many small businesses will stay in the “small business” category, others soared. In fact, three of today’s most recognizable businesses were once started in garages and gas stations. There may seem like there is no hope for growth, but if these businesses can make it, any business has the ability to rise up. Everyone knows Apple. From iPads to computers to new watches, Apple is everywhere. But not […]

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Small Business Loans after Bankruptcy is Possible

Bankruptcy is never easy, and it can be even more difficult if you are a business owner or wannabe business owner. Small business loans can be tough to get, even if you have excellent credit. Bankruptcy can put your life on hold, and can put your business dreams on hold, as well. While it can be tough to find a small business loan, you could perhaps obtain a high risk cash advance from a reputable company, such as FAM. There isn’t must different on the surface of a small business loan and a high risk cash advance, but in the […]

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Tips for Obtaining Small Business Funding for Your Start-Up Business

Every business needs help from time to time, and in today’s unstable market, small businesses are more vulnerable than ever. Outside small business funding is becoming a necessity, and because of the current market, it can be hard to find. Start-up companies are having an especially hard time, as very few in the industry will deal with start-ups and their issues. Below are a few tips to help make your search for small business funding easier. First off, you need to consider your niche and who you are. There are plenty of funding sources available for women, minorities, single mothers, […]

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