WorkingIt may seem like your small business is destined to stay small. You may think that there is no hope for major growth, even if you have a steady customer base. While many small businesses will stay in the “small business” category, others soared. In fact, three of today’s most recognizable businesses were once started in garages and gas stations. There may seem like there is no hope for growth, but if these businesses can make it, any business has the ability to rise up.

Everyone knows Apple. From iPads to computers to new watches, Apple is everywhere. But not everyone knows that Apple was first started and operated in a basement. In 1975, Steve Jobs and a friend started Apple in this garage. It remained just two employees until a few years later – and the rest is history.

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is some of the best in the USA, if not the world. While they are a big name, they were once a little local secret operating out of a gas station. In 1978, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield took a $5 ice cream making class, and then started churning out ice cream that was sold in a local gas station. To gain notoriety, in 1979 they started a “free ice cream day”, which to this day still continues in their ice cream shops.

Starbucks wasn’t started in a garage or gas station, but it was a small coffee shop with a little local following for 16 years until branching out. Howard Schultz decided that it was time to give the rest of the USA (and eventually the world) great coffee in 1987, and since then there has been no stopping Starbucks. The coffee shops started with regular coffee, and today has expanded with various types of drinks, both hot and cold, food, and home décor.

Expanding for any business is tough, but a good business man knows when it is the “right time” to do so. This can be tough, though, if you need a loan and have bad credit. You should not give up, as there are bad credit merchant accounts with instant approval available.

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