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2015 April Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Millennials Have Issues Operating Successful Businesses

While the “high risk” label is used for many things, one of the newest hits an entire generation: The Millennials. The Millennial generation has developed terrible financial issues, which could be attributed to many things: extravagant reality TV, their parents’ financial woes, and other things.  This is bad for their personal finances, as well as for their professional life. While Millennials want to become business owners, this stigma can make it hard for them to obtain a small business loan. Most businesses at one time or another needs a small business loan, but being in the “high risk” category seriously […]

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Three New Technological Advances that can Help Your Business

Industries evolve every day. From new products to new software to new employees, companies change rapidly. While some trends overdone in the market, you need to look for new things that will shock, thrill, and make the customer want more from your business. While this seems great, there can be issues obtaining the funds to get these new techie advances. For this, you will need a high risk cash advance. Before getting a high risk cash advance, you need to be certain about what you want. One of the newest and coolest techie advances comes in the form of an […]

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The Top 10 Rules for Operating a Successful Restaurant

Restaurants are not all successful, and many times, it is something small that could easily change the way that the business is operated. While there are endless ways for a restaurant to gain success, the most commonly agreed upon are listed below. 1:  Be cool Be remarkable. People like good food, but they also like something out of the norm. Whether it is different décor or theme, or a different way of presenting already known food, by making your restaurant stand out you are sure to gain a crowd, and hopefully a few good Yelp reviews. 2:  Be simple. You […]

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If You Are in Need of Small Business Funding, Look No Further than FAM

Small businesses are what our country is made of. They are the bread and butter of society, and every town has their own local and unique flare. This uniqueness is why small businesses help the economy grow. When small businesses boom, so does the economy, and when small businesses suffer, the economy follows. It should be a no-brainer for processors to fund small businesses, right? Wrong. In fact, the majority of processors do not fund small businesses. However, while the majority does not, a few do. One of the best is FAM. FAM, or First American Merchant is highly regarded […]

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Four Easy Ways To Prevent Your Business’ Credit Score From Plummeting

No merchant wants to end up on the Terminated Merchant File list (TMF list). Merchants that have failed ventures or credit troubles can find themselves on this list and unable to open merchant accounts or get loans at banks. The chances for a bad credit merchant account with instant approval are few and far between. The best medicine for your business, and your credit score, is preventative. Here are four possible ways your credit score can tank through your business leading you in dire straits.   1. Monitor Your Credit Balances A key factor in your credit score is your […]

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