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The Top 10 Rules for Operating a Successful Restaurant

Gold top 10 winnerRestaurants are not all successful, and many times, it is something small that could easily change the way that the business is operated. While there are endless ways for a restaurant to gain success, the most commonly agreed upon are listed below.

1:  Be cool Be remarkable. People like good food, but they also like something out of the norm. Whether it is different décor or theme, or a different way of presenting already known food, by making your restaurant stand out you are sure to gain a crowd, and hopefully a few good Yelp reviews.

2:  Be simple. You cannot offer three hundred items on your menu, unless you are a 100-year old deli. Start simple, and expand if you need to later. Of course, it is always a good idea to have substitutes, such as vegan or non-dairy cheese or milk available, but keep it simple otherwise.

3:  Have comfy seating, as well as a good floorplan. You do not need fancy chairs and small, bistro-style tables if you are not a bistro, so keep with comfort when it comes to seating. Also, keep a good floorplan. No one wants to scoot their chair back and hit someone sitting four inches behind them at another table.

4:  Have a nice sign. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or flashy, but make it nice. Make sure the lightbulbs work properly before lighting it up at night.

5:  Don’t buy appliances that you don’t know how to work. You wouldn’t for your home, so don’t for your business. Sure that $5,000 espresso machine is cool, but if you have no clue how to work it, or it doesn’t mesh with the rest of your establishment, save your money.

6:  Make sure that your staff is friendly. Yes, we all have our bad days, but one wrong move can put your restaurant into a tailspin if the bad review gets online.

7:  Have parking. It should be common sense, but make sure that there is parking – preferable free parking – near your establishment.

8:  Likewise, make sure that your location is good. No one wants to go to a ritzy place in the middle of a questionable area – even if your rent is cheaper.

9:  Get online! Make a Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram feed, and post your business on Yelp. For each, include photos of the restaurant, as well as food and menus.

10:  Make sure that every table is fully set. Spoons, forks, knives, and napkins should be on the table at all times.

These ideas are great, but you may need funding to offset the cost.

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