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If You Are in Need of Small Business Funding, Look No Further than FAM

Small Business FundingSmall businesses are what our country is made of. They are the bread and butter of society, and every town has their own local and unique flare. This uniqueness is why small businesses help the economy grow. When small businesses boom, so does the economy, and when small businesses suffer, the economy follows. It should be a no-brainer for processors to fund small businesses, right? Wrong. In fact, the majority of processors do not fund small businesses. However, while the majority does not, a few do. One of the best is FAM.

FAM, or First American Merchant is highly regarded as one of the top “high risk” merchant account processors and small business loan providers in the United States. The “high risk” label is commonly used with small business, and it represents a plethora of reasons why. Many times, it is not the business owner’s fault as to why the business is placed into the “high risk” category, but rather industry issues. Adult merchants, car dealerships, auction websites, e-cig merchants are all placed into the “high risk” category, because their businesses have a higher percentage of fraudulent activity. New small business owners are also placed into the “high risk” category, because they do not have a proven business success track record.

Of course, any small business needs a merchant account processor, but before that, you need small business funding. FAM can provide both services. Small business funding with FAM works differently than a bank loan, or loan from a traditional processor. With FAM’s small business funding program, you do not repay the funds until your business begins making money. This would never happen with a bank loan, as banks need their money repaid, regardless if you are sinking under water financially. With FAM’s small business funding, your payments are fixed according to your specific needs. This will be addressed when you speak with one of our customer reps.

If you are in need of small business funding, look no further than the services of FAM.