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2015 April Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Why You Need an ACH Loan for Your Business

Loan ads are everywhere. From local and national banks, to quick lending companies, lenders want your business. However, a traditional cash loan comes with a lot of strings attached, namely high interest rates and an immediate need of repayment. You need to look into ACH business loans. There has been industry talk as of late, and while many offer up ACH business loans, few are top-rated in the industry. FAM, or 1st American Merchant, is one of the top-rated ACH business loan lenders in the USA. While it is labeled as a “loan”, the process is anything but loan-like. You […]

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Obtain a Cash Advance Loan for a Tattoo Shop

Summer is coming, and so is tattoo season. For whatever reason the tattoo industry booms in the hotter months. So, this is the perfect time to get your business in order. While the cooler months can make for smaller business, it is also a great time to prepare for the upcoming season. There are many things to check over, from suppliers to equipment, to funding. If you are a tattoo shop merchant and are having money issues, you need to consider a high risk cash advance from FAM. The “high risk” term can frighten some, regardless if they are merchants […]

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An ACH Business Loan Can Be Your Business’s Saving Grace

Funding is everything in a business. While customer service is a big issue, as is location and pricing, you cannot sustain your business without funding. While banks could loan you money, they typically do not if your business is in the “high risk” category. For others, bank loans have high interest rates, and they must be paid back starting the next month. This is less than helpful, especially if your business is struggling to make it. The only option you need to look at when considering a business loan is an ACH business loan from FAM. With an ACH business […]

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How to Succeed in Business, Money-Wise

Business success can be measured in many ways, from sales to customer base, to online reviews. However, one of the most important is money. Yes, money makes the world go ‘round, and it is important that you know how to successfully operate your business, all while being money-smart. First off, you need to keep records. Records of every single thing can not only help you prepare for tax season, but also give you a good view of what works and what doesn’t, when it comes to investing money in and out of your business. Sometimes people only keep records of […]

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What Merchants Can Learn From Mad Men

Many people are Mad Men fans, and are saddened that the show is ending this summer. What many do not consider is that merchants can learn a thing or two from the workings of the agency. While the show is fiction, and few have time to devote their time to studying it every week, it is worth it. Below are a few of the lessons merchants can take from Mad Men. Be different. This sounds like common sense, but in a world of fads, “different” is hard when a moneymaker is something that others sell with the same marketing campaign. […]

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Your Phone Could Be the Key to Your Business Success

Everyone has called, or received a call, from a less-than friendly customer service rep. It can make us hate the company, even if service has otherwise been great. While you can focus on numerous things to obtain and keep customers, one of the more simple is sometimes overlooked. You need to make sure that your phone systems are up to your standards. I don’t mean the actual telephone, but rather how it is operated. Good customer service seems like a no-brainer, but there are always companies with terrible phone service. From rude voice-tones to hearing someone eat over the phone, […]

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States Push Crowdfunding as Future of Private Investments

Crowdfunding sites are all the rage. From businesses to charities to families who need a little extra dough, these sites are bringing in big bucks for those who are asking for funds. The social media setting is easy to use, and once someone sees that their friend or family member has donated, they are more likely to do so. States are chiming in, as well. Many states are pushing for private companies to use the method to garner money. A great thing about crowdfunding is that those who fund you can be given something. Last year, John Dolmayan of System […]

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April is National Financial Capability Month

In addition to everyone’s favorite day, April 15th – tax day – April is also the month of National Financial Capability. While everyone should take charge of their own finances, and their business finances, April is a good time to remind people how important it is. It can be easy to overlook one item, and in return, you can owe money to the government in taxes. This happens all too often, and you need to be organized with all of your personal and professional financial issues. Sadly, most small businesses are financially illiterate. While big businesses can hire a “money […]

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Banks Are Not the Only Source for Working Capital for Small Businesses

Many small business owners believe that the only way they can raise capital to get them through a cash flow problem or to invest in new equipment is to apply for a small business loan at their local banking center. For the owner who needs fund immediately this is not the answer at all, especially if the merchant has less than perfect credit and has not been in business at least two years. Thankfully, there are those who will grant bad credit business loans. It is very difficult and very time consuming to get a small loan from your bank. […]

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Paper Checks May Be Joining The Dinosaurs

Business owners who grew up in the 70’s, 80’s and even in the 90’s were used to paying all their bills by writing checks and paying extra for postage hoping the payment would arrive at its destination by the due date. Thus came the joke ‘the check is in the mail.’ Those were also the days when a person could purchase an item from a TV commercial – C.O.D. – cash on delivery. That’s a term you just never hear these days. Even with all this data there are still merchants who do not accept credit and debit cards.  This […]

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