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Your Phone Could Be the Key to Your Business Success

Teenage girl text messaging on her phoneEveryone has called, or received a call, from a less-than friendly customer service rep. It can make us hate the company, even if service has otherwise been great. While you can focus on numerous things to obtain and keep customers, one of the more simple is sometimes overlooked. You need to make sure that your phone systems are up to your standards. I don’t mean the actual telephone, but rather how it is operated.

Good customer service seems like a no-brainer, but there are always companies with terrible phone service. From rude voice-tones to hearing someone eat over the phone, endless things can be a turn-off to customers. You need to make sure that your phone reps are able to fake a good mood, if necessary. We all have a bad day now and then, but a phone rep’s bad day can ruin your business. With social media and online review sites more popular than they were a year ago, it only takes one bad review to harm your business.

Also, be sure to get a 1-800 number. It is easier, and many people can call a 1-800 number, but not a local number from another state. A 1-800 number not only makes it easier for people to call, but it also looks more professional.

Be sure to look into creative ways to liven up a call waiting time. Traditional “elevator music” is boring, and can dull one’s senses while they wait. Instead, use information relative to your business, or other types of music. Be careful of language and types of music, though, as rap, hard rock, or gospel could be a turn off for some. Light classic rock, 50s and 60s oldies, and upbeat classical are good, modern, attention-keeping choices.

Now, some of this costs money. In fact, unless your customer service reps work free, all of this costs money. Not all businesses have extra funds to spend on an updated customer service system. If this is you, you need to check into FAM’s cash advance program. It is not a loan; in fact, you do not begin to pay back your borrowed funds until your business begins to make money.

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