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Banks Are Not the Only Source for Working Capital for Small Businesses

Cash AdvanceMany small business owners believe that the only way they can raise capital to get them through a cash flow problem or to invest in new equipment is to apply for a small business loan at their local banking center. For the owner who needs fund immediately this is not the answer at all, especially if the merchant has less than perfect credit and has not been in business at least two years. Thankfully, there are those who will grant bad credit business loans.

It is very difficult and very time consuming to get a small loan from your bank. They have to do as much paperwork for a $10,000 loan as they do a $100,000 one. They like to deal with larger companies that need larger amounts and who also have good credit. Bankers do not like to take risks, either. A small business owner having a cash flow problem is not what they consider a good risk.

There are such things as peer to peer loans. One business will lend a small amount to another business. However, this can become cumbersome. The lender wants an excellent return on investment (ROI) plus the lowest risk possible.

Corporations like First American Merchant Financial make bad credit business loans every day of the week – perhaps every hour of the day. Businesses like FAM are flourishing and growing in today’s economy because there is such a need within the small business community. They make it extremely simple for those who accept credit and debit cards to get the cash they need with approvals in less than 72 hours.

Unlike the bank, this lender looks at your sales and revenue, not your credit rating. They are basing their risk on your future. And to be correct, this really is not a standard loan. The merchant who applies for a bad credit business loan does not have to dig up tax returns or financial statements. The application is amazingly simple.

To obtain the cash the merchant will be selling a portion of his future sales at a discount to the lender. Rather than having to worry about writing checks, a small percent is taken by ACH from the merchant’s checking account each day, depending on deposits. This will continue until the loan is paid in full. It is quick, easy and totally confidential.

If you are in a cash crunch and need funds sooner rather than later, contact First American Merchant, we can help!