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2013 November Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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How your business can benefit from providing “ach echeck services”

The electronic age is one of wonder and great development. Although, at times you want to pull your hair out; when a payment comes through faster than you anticipated and you scramble to get money into the account before everything bounces. If you are considering a merchant account, you should not handicap your business by forgetting the ‘ACH’ check processing. With ACH echeck services you give your customers more options and it allows for you to accept checks either online or in person. With this As an added bonus for you and your customers, you can accept checks online, in person […]

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The Benefits of Small Business Loans and cash advance lenders

The benefits are not only amazing, but they are downright astounding. Look out financial institutions, here come’s common sense. Why would you choose a small business loan or a cash advance from a merchant account servicer? Well, not only does it sound a lot easier, but it also has a human element to it. How cool is that? Instead of the loan part of the whole situation, they are buying a percentage of your sales at a discounted rate. These Cash Advance Lenders have made this so simple, how could you fail? Repayment Instead of you making a monthly payment, […]

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How to get a high risk business loan without a co-signer

The banks across this nation of ours made it very clear that it was alright to have the American public bail them out of their financial mess. It was very clear that the CEO’s of those banks were happy to accept our checks and NOT return the favor to the American people in need. They were only too happy to sock it to the homeowner’s and foreclose after depleting their sanity, their happiness and their savings. The graciously compounded their efforts with exuberate late fees and stocking charges; otherwise known as ‘processing fees’. Well, some of the people heard the […]

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No Credit Check in House Merchant Financing Program

Guest Post: by Mark Taylor As a merchant that is able to offer a service that charges $300 or even more, wouldn’t it will be good that you are offering a program in which almost 90 percent of the customers are eligible and easily quality for? This will certainly add more wealth into your profit collection as you will do more sales per week or month. If you are in USA then it is good news as such program is available all over the USA. Here are the methods to buy: These days there are four different methods that can be […]

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How to protect yourself from a chargeback as a merchant: Learn your merchant rights

One of the worst nightmares of the present financial system for online merchants is a chargeback, especially if you rely on credit card payments as your main source of online funds transaction. If you are planning to start an online business and want to process customer credit cards for transactions, learning about how chargeback’s work and how to handle them is a must. What is Chargeback? Credit card issuing institutions develop the chargeback system to protect the rights and finances of their customers but the ease of using this option to get your money back makes it a grave threat […]

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Myths Preventing Small Businesses from Starting 401Ks

Even though, many small business owners want to initiate employee benefit plans and 401K’s, only 24% of businesses with 50 or less employees offer a 401K program to their employees, while 99% of the businesses with more than 500 employees offer 401k program to their employees. The prime reason for this difference is myths circulating around small businesses about 401k program’s and their effects on small business. Though, the system is designed to put the small businesses at advantage, many business owners are reluctant to offer 401k program’s due to these myths and lack of knowledge. Some of the most […]

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3 Ways To Raise Money for Your Small Business

If you are starting your new business or have done business for more than a decade, adding more capital into your business often results in a better bottom line. Today, there are a number of different sources that help you raise good amounts of money for your business. As a merchant you may have a good number of choices for raising money, but there are lot of short and long term factors to consider before contacting any source for funds.   To make it simple for merchants, here are some effective ways to raise quick money for your small business. […]

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How to Start a Small Automotive Repair Business

As you begin to put all the little things together, you will notice there are thousands of details you have to do. From having the Health Department check your plumbing and safety of your building, to Osha inspecting your work area for dangers. Make a list and check it thousands of times a day; but know, you can’t eat an elephant in one bite. You have to do it a little at a time, just like starting a business. One of the little things that might fall through the cracks is your automotive merchant account. If you plan on accepting […]

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5 ways to get a small business loan

Well, now that you took that initial step to your dream, it’s time to go hunting for the money to get started. Depending on the size of your dream, you now have to make a plan to fund it. Here’s a few idea’s, which you may have already thought of, but there are some extra’s to think about.   1. The not so popular….. Ask a family or friend. The risk of ruining a relationship exists with this plan. No one walks into their family’s house with the determination to have a rotten business, and lose their money. It comes […]

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Funding Options for Bad Credit Risks

You are only as bad a risk as you think you are. If you have had an accident or an illness and you are fighting your way back into the good credit arena, make sure you explain that, when you begin searching for funding options for your business. They may feel that you are a bad credit risk and you need to correct them and inform them that you are prepared to impress them with a bright future. Here are some options for you to look into as you seek the funds for your business: • Start with the friends […]

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