As you begin to put all the little things together, you will notice there are thousands of details you have to do. From having the Health Department check your plumbing and safety of your building, to Osha inspecting your work area for dangers. Make a list and check it thousands of times a day; but know, you can’t eat an elephant in one bite. You have to do it a little at a time, just like starting a business.

One of the little things that might fall through the cracks is your automotive merchant account. If you plan on accepting debit and credit cards you will need this, as well as the little machine that goes with it. Whether you decide to do it on the go and each mechanic has a pad, or just one machine in the office to do the swiping, it is completely up to you.

Just released

Once you know whether you are doing plastic, it can only help you. It opens up many venues for your business. You can sell automotive parts online and who better to buy from. You, of course and those that have been waiting for you to open your store will only be too glad to purchase from you. That gives you 24 hour shopping power and money making power. Hallelujah brother! Just don’t forget to send the product because they are counting on you.


You also get twenty four hour protection through your secure gateway and your merchant service provider will give you a Virtual Terminal for your website. They won’t actually build a website for you, but they will give you the button that you can use on your website. Again, that would be the Virtual Terminal. Your gateway is encrypted and protection runs strong all the way through the transaction.

So be sure to tell your customers that they are protected, and you can be rest assured that you are as well. That makes for some nice restful sleeps and no worries.

It’s really easy

With those thousands of other details to worry about, isn’t it nice that you could find at least one thing that wasn’t that hard. You can start with your local bank and see what they do with their merchant account requests. Then go online and find sites that you feel comfortable about. Be sure to search for their registration in your state. Then you know if they are a legitimate business. Check a few blogs and forums to see what the reviews are about them and feel good before you make that leap.

You don’t want to get this far and get someone that will take your money. After all, you are the boss and you need to know for sure. Everyone is relying on you to do the right thing. It’s ok to make mistakes, but this one could be costly to choose the wrong one.

Good luck with your new car mechanics merchant account and I hope you do well.


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