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2013 November Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Getting a small business loan with bad credit

It’s going to be a frustrating uphill climb, but if you want it bad enough, there are some solutions to the problems. If you work diligently and expeditiously, you can crawl out of the hole that you have dug for your business. Here’s a few tips where to start: • Don’t call the small business administration expecting them to have loans. They don’t loan any money to anyone. They do however, have a list of places that can and will help you out. They might even be able to point you to a grant program, if you qualify. • A […]

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How to get your new start up business funded

You are already nervous, and to make it even worse, now you need to go looking for money to open your new business. Here are a few tips on where to start and how to do it. Locally Are there credit unions in your area? Did you know, of all the banking institutions in the country, the credit unions were the only ones that did not need bailing out when the economy tanked? They hold themselves in the highest of regards and do not buy or do anything until they have the money to do it. So, with a high […]

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