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How your business can benefit from providing “ach echeck services”

ach echeck servicesThe electronic age is one of wonder and great development. Although, at times you want to pull your hair out; when a payment comes through faster than you anticipated and you scramble to get money into the account before everything bounces.

If you are considering a merchant account, you should not handicap your business by forgetting the ‘ACH’ check processing. With ACH echeck services you give your customers more options and it allows for you to accept checks either online or in person.

With this

As an added bonus for you and your customers, you can accept checks online, in person and have the benefit of checking to insure that the check has the funds to cover the money written on it.

With a processor, you can access their information, process the check and verify that all is well with the money. It goes through their account like a debit transaction. If they don’t have a debit or credit card, this is one of the best options for all concerned. You know they can pay and they get to pay you with their checking account. Win/Win.

Online services

If you add this service to your website, then the options are—of course—doubled for the customers. You just ask for the information to process the check. Their routing number, the checking account number and then they have an option to save that information or not. As an added bonus, encrypting that private information from employees and hackers would be an added safety measure. That keeps everyone honest and the customer got to pay the bill.

And of course

Putting the payment options of debit and credit cards on your website and adding them to the day to day operations of your business, only doubles your fun. It’s a known fact, that the plastic swipe option of money is a popular way of making payments. Don’t get this message wrong, cash money still spends the same way. But if you are just an online business without that fun way of purchasing, then you need these two different ways of paying for things.


Jump on the bandwagon and do some research. Find a company that will do both options, or at the very least the one that processes the ACH checks. It is handy for payroll, for taxes, telephone sales, pension payments and so many more.

Check out how much it’s going to cost per check for the processing. It’s a good bet, whatever it does cost will save you thousands over time with bounced checks and trying to collect. It may seem overwhelming at first, but after the first time you hunt down a bad check owner and you listen to the story of “WHINE” you will order yourself an ACH account on the spot. It only takes once after you have been betrayed.

So, take advantage of all the electronic devices that you can. It might add up to more than you want, but it is a business expense and it can save you in the long run. You know why.

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