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4 Ways that Creating a Podcast Can Help Expand Your Business

There are so many ways you can revolutionize your business – some of them may be completely unexpected. Consider podcasts, for example. A podcast is a radio show based online, rather than in the airwaves. It has quickly become a thriving marketing vehicle for many companies. Many established businesses have started simple podcasts with the intent of teaching people about what they do and/or what they offer. Before they know it, their listeners jumped from a few hundred listeners per week to tens of thousands per week. Using a podcast can help a business grow both financially and in membership. […]

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Alternative Lenders Offer Funding to Women-Owned Small Businesses

Female-led small businesses have gained a lot of positive attention in recent years. From 2000 to 2012, women-owned businesses grew 27 percent. In contrast, U.S. businesses only averaged a 2 percent growth rate during the same time period. Surprisingly, despite these economic and social advances for female business owners, few are taking advantage of certain benefits offered by alternative lenders. These changes in the economic landscape demonstrate the exciting shift to a more welcoming atmosphere for female entrepreneurs. Even with the headway women-owned businesses have made in the past 10 to 20 years, there is always room for improvements. NerdWallet’s […]

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Marketing Strategies for Startups | How to Get it Right the First Time

According to Forbes, “8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn”. When starting a business, it is incredibly important to get several things right in order to make it through your first year. From how you choose to fund your business to your marketing strategies, you need to make sure every dollar you spend is matched with the greatest return on investment. Consider Brand Identity.  Everything that your customers or potential customers know about your business is directly linked to your brand identity. Establishing your business’ brand identity […]

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How a Cash Advance can Save Your Company

Many high risk merchants need cash. Some turn to relatives and friends, while others look for a small business loan. The latter can be tricky, as most banks and lenders will not lend to a high risk business. For those who do, the interest rates are enormous – and the repayments start back almost immediately. There is a better alternative, and it is called the merchant cash advance. This is not like traditional payday cash advances, where interest is huge, and it is nearly impossible to pay off. Instead, a merchant cash advance can give your business the cash it […]

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The 5 Advantages a Merchant Cash Advance Can Offer Your Business

For any business, cash is vital; this is especially true for the small and mid-sized businesses. Why? Cash is necessary to pay suppliers, to maintain inventory and to grow a business. There are many reasons why credit market availability can change; an economic recession or a business being categorized as “high risk” serve as two examples. When this takes place, many businesses turn to a new solution – a merchant cash advance. What is a merchant cash advance? A merchant cash advance is an alternative source of business funding for entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs may lack the credit rating or collateral […]

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April is National Financial Capability Month

In addition to everyone’s favorite day, April 15th – tax day – April is also the month of National Financial Capability. While everyone should take charge of their own finances, and their business finances, April is a good time to remind people how important it is. It can be easy to overlook one item, and in return, you can owe money to the government in taxes. This happens all too often, and you need to be organized with all of your personal and professional financial issues. Sadly, most small businesses are financially illiterate. While big businesses can hire a “money […]

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Merchant Cash Advances Are Even Available to ISO’s

Merchants that process with a traditional credit card processor are not aware of the term ISO and what an ISO can do for them. An ISO is an Independent Sales Organization that sets its own guidelines and more often has a much more responsive customer service platform. An ISO purchases a number of transactions from the large processor for a low cost and then re-sells them to their customers. While W-2 sales people for the processing giant have to follow strict guidelines on prices and promotions, the ISO can do what it wants. This can be very beneficial for the […]

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Don’t Let Bad Credit Stop You from Getting a Business Loan

It is often difficult for small business owners to obtain a business loan, even if they have an outstanding credit rating. That means that it is twice as difficult for those with bad credit to obtain a business loan. Luckily there are alternative funding options for small business owners that have bad credit. When any of these other options are used, different criteria are analyzed for funding consideration. The criteria that is typically examined includes the business’ bank deposit history, credit card sales, credit partners and other alternative data. This makes it easier for small business owners with bad credit […]

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It Is Possible To Get A Merchant Cash Advance Even With Bad Credit

Finding a merchant account that looks at your business and not just at your credit score, if they are deciding if they are going to lend you money, it is possible. Getting cash for your business is possible if you are working with the right merchant provider. It is even possible to get a merchant cash advance with a bad credit score. A merchant account provider is looking at the sales from using debit and visa cards; payment for the cash advance is in the form of a percentage from the sales made during the course of the day, this […]

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Merchant Funding for Car Mechanic Shop

With the rapid disappearance of traditional middle class America, more and more consumers are opting to keep their older model cars for a longer period of time. This makes good economic sense. The vehicle has been paid off and repairs cost much less than purchasing another car. Maybe you have seen an increase in business but you could be doing more if you had another bay for another qualified mechanic. Have you ever considered merchant funding for your car mechanic shop? These same customers who are coming into your shop for repairs rare pay the bill by cash or check. […]

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