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How to get an automotive merchant account

Just like a lot of other accounts in the merchant arena, if you plan on accepting credit or debit cards, you are going to need a merchant account. Don’t panic when you are told that you could be high risk, because a lot of day to day services are in that same pool. It does not mean that you personally are high risk; it means your services are. So, don’t take it to heart, just do some more research so you understand why. Getting your merchant account Having a merchant account does several things for your business. First and foremost, […]

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What You Need When Starting Your Smoke Shop

There are a few things that you need to have when  you start your smoke shop. Your online service  will need to cover many things before you can get  started. You will need a merchant account and if  you decide that you should sell those electronic  cigarettes, then you will have to have an  electronic cigarette merchant account. This gives  you all sorts of options to share with your  customers and make sales worldwide. Of course,  you also need to know the laws in some countries,  and how to walk through the legalities of selling to  those that might not […]

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Business funding for restaurants using a cash advance

Whether it is a small eatery, a catering truck or a large chain of restaurants, opening and running a  successful restaurant can be a very rewarding yet challenging task. From picking the perfect location and  creating a distinct ambiance to the recruitment of the right staff and the conception of a savory menu, an  extravagant amount of time and dedication goes into serving people. In a recent industry survey of  restaurant owners, although many restaurant operators continue to do well, only 38 percent described  their financial situation as ‘good to excellent.’ And if you are a restaurant owner, chances are […]

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How 1st American merchant funding can get your merchant account started today!

First American Merchant Services is a well thought out business plan. They not only help out anyone in business, their approval rate is at 99%. So a rare thing indeed, would be for someone to be in the 1% range. They insist on investing in you, the person in business and things that put our country to work every day—from entertainers to bail bonds. This company brings to the table— Possibilities. If you can dream it, they can do it. From Bankruptcy to Collections all the way to Herbal Supplements, they will put together a 1st American Merchants funding account […]

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How to start your new Auto Mechanic Shop with little to no money

  Even though, starting an auto repair shop is a very profitable business today but it may require a lot of startup capital to provide for the location, shop, tools and other high cost auto repair equipment and machinery. This makes it impossible for younger mechanics with no capital to start their own business but if you have a right tool kit with good auto repair skills, there are ways to start your own auto mechanic shop with little or even no money. Mobile Auto Mechanic Shop Business plan is one of the most important things for any kind of […]

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Getting your Seasonal Merchant Account up and running by the holidays

Consumers in United States spend more than 50 billion dollars on shopping and online purchases in the last quarter of 2012. According to the statistics, consumers spend more on shopping in the last quarter of the year because of holidays like Halloween and Christmas. As the last quarter of 2013 is just around the corner, it is a great opportunity for those who want to earn some quick money be starting a seasonal business. Consumers are looking for reasons to spend on Halloween and Christmas, be creative to meet the demand and get your own seasonal business up and running […]

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Top 5 Tips for making money through an online business

One of the easiest ways to earn money is through an online business as it allows business owners to save cost, time and requires a minimal startup capital. Even though, an online business looks easy to start, over the last few years, it has become a fiercely competitive market. According to the report published by EuroStat in 2011, almost 79% of all businesses and companies now have their own websites. And from those 79%, almost 25% allow customers to purchase their products online. With such competition, you need to be on your toes 24/7 if you want to sustain your […]

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How to Secure a Good Head Start in a High Risk Industry

Starting your own business is not as easy as it seems especially if your line of expertise belongs in one of those considered as high risk industries. If you just got out of a medical school and plan to put up a clinic of your own, you might be surprised to see a lot of banks and credit card processors rejecting your application for a standard eCommerce merchant account. Life can be unfair most of the time but it’s the truth. High risk businesses like pharmaceutical products, telemarketing, car rental, financial services, and many more others are very far from […]

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Starting a Highly Profitable Business with Bad Credit

Are you bothered with having a lot of delinquencies on your credit history? Is starting your dream restaurant a little more challenging because of your bad credit? Are you already on the verge of giving up simply because you’ve been receiving too many rejections and denials from banks and other merchant account providers? The solution is acquiring a unique type of merchant account specially made for entrepreneurs with bad credit. Through such an account, business owners with bad credit can get back on track or get a good head start on a new business in no time.   Major disadvantage […]

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Check Processing For High Risk Merchants

  Electronic check conversion involves turning a manually written check on a piece of paper into an electronic check. This is made possible by placing the check inside a machine that reads the information off the check. Once the information has been read off the check, the holder usually uses that information to make a withdrawal. Electronic check processing is fast gaining popularity among businesses due to: • Reduced processing costs • Reduced billing costs • Deposits are received sooner • Increased sales • Reduce the hassle and cost of paper checks. • Facilitates more payment options. • Deposit checks […]

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