FAM Star

First American Merchant Services is a well thought out business plan. They not only help out anyone in business, their approval rate is at 99%. So a rare thing indeed, would be for someone to be in the 1% range. They insist on investing in you, the person in business and things that put our country to work every day—from entertainers to bail bonds. This company brings to the table— Possibilities.

If you can dream it, they can do it. From Bankruptcy to Collections all the way to Herbal Supplements, they will put together a 1st American Merchants funding account for you.

Quick Approval

1st American Merchant Funding will get your account rolling as soon as you put your paperwork into the program. They have electronic signatures to expedite your experience. As little as twenty four hours before you hear from them, and then they will walk you through what little needs to be done after that. They work with several banks in their network and find the program that works best for you.

Programs For You

1st American rushes to your aide, and will work with you more than any other company on the market. They guarantee that they will find the right program that works for you and assist you in your growth. With customer finance programs and credit card reduction rates, it can and will make your progression easier into some financial security. With backing like that, how can you fail at all?

Customer Service

We all know issues will arise with any account you ever have, so contacting 1st American funding is not an issue. They thrive on customers that are satisfied. They hold their employee’s accountable. They reward them for accomplishments and take care of anything that comes up. That holds true for taking care of you… the customer.

High Risk accounts

If you are in search of a 1st American Merchant funding account for a high risk service, you are in the right place. They service adult entertainment, casinos, medical marijuana services and firearm sales. Several factors will cause you to fall into this category. One- being your credit. Two- what you are selling. Three- if you have had troubles in the past with business. But, you won’t know until you try.

If you will be processing a lot of cards that are not on site with you; in other words, they are online or have called in an order, your status will also be different. But, most of the industry is online today anyway, and 1st American Merchant Funding will work you through the kinks and get your sales up and running.


Whatever your sales may be, 1st American will find a solution that will work for all concerned. No matter the issue, they have dealt with it before and will find a way around them.

Remember to check into the fees and ask about discount rates. There will be a number of things to cover, but if you do your research you can increase your sales and begin building your empire.


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