There are a few things that you need to have when  you start your smoke shop. Your online service  will need to cover many things before you can get  started. You will need a merchant account and if  you decide that you should sell those electronic  cigarettes, then you will have to have an  electronic cigarette merchant account. This gives  you all sorts of options to share with your  customers and make sales worldwide. Of course,  you also need to know the laws in some countries,  and how to walk through the legalities of selling to  those that might not be of age.

 Do a search

Find out who would work the best for your  business. Locate those that know the laws around the globe and are certain they can help you. Of course, a button that states the buyer is of age would not be a bad idea either. That will keep you out of trouble, and help make certain you can sleep at night.

Like any other

Like any other merchant account that you look at, you will need to find who has the best price for the services that you are after. Look over the fees and compare. Some have broken out the purchasing into different categories. Some have a .49% plus thirty cents a swipe for debit purchases, as well as 1.69% and twenty five cents a swipe for a retail purchase. Others have broken out the online purchase at a different level and they claim to be lower than other merchant accounts. Add up the amounts and find out if you can live with that kind of business practice.

Merchant account

Having a merchant account to sell electronic cigarettes and all of the accessories that go with it, will need to be broken down like any store, and you will have to do your research before you jump right in. Not all merchant account servicers will want you on their roll call. You may have to visit a lot of frogs, before you find the kingdom of a merchant account servicer that wants your credit/debit card business.

Don’t forget

No matter what business you decide to do: Online, in a store, in your home….. you will need to have a phone with a processor on it, so you can swipe cards and process them as you go. Thinking you can just do it online, with today’s technology, will handicap you in more ways than one. When you sign up for your electronic cigarette merchant account, make sure that you check out the options for a smart phone processor. Whether it goes on the top of your phone or comes in another unit, don’t cut your business short by not being able to take payment on the fly.

Your business

You and your new business need you to work hard and work smart. Take all the advice of the experts from the merchant accounts, and then decide what will work for you. It can only help you in the long run.


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