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“Investing money is the process of committing resources in a strategic way to accomplish a specific objective.” – Alan Gotthardt It’s not easy to run a business, especially if have low capital. If you’re trying to invest successfully, consider taking the below-mentioned investment tips. These are particularly great for small-business owners. Choose Penny Stocks Penny stocks, common stocks sold for less than a dollar on the market, are great for new investors. Small business owners can start with penny stocks, then study the market, and become more skillful as an investor. If you’re doing a small business, you can continue […]

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Attention Grabbing Headlines to Drive Traffic to Your Website

The holidays is the perfect time to drive traffic to your website. Not only can you capitalize off of topics like Christmas gifts and Christmas sales, you can also use end of the year concerns and topics to finish strong at the close of the year. If your business needs help generating more traffic, here are a few topics that can get the ball rolling. The following are a few headlines you can use, or that may inspire you to finish strong in 2015. How Local Business is Making Good on the Holiday Shopping Season: This headline will attract small […]

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Year-End Reviews Help Small Business Owners Prepare for the New Year

As customers begin flooding retail outlets this holiday season, it is easy for small business owners to suddenly feel they are being stretched too thin. Instead of wrapping up this year and planning for the New Year, many owners feel that it would be in their best interest to simply wait until the craze of the holiday shopping season is over. Even with the holiday rush, it is important for business owners to address their year-end reviews. Without going over certain details, money could potentially be lost from missing out on tax credits or deadlines. In order to ring in […]

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The Differences between Traditional Loans and a High Risk Cash Advance

The reason a business is categorized as being high-risk is typically based on these two conditions: it either operates within a high-risk industry and/or there is a potential risk of financial failure. The problem for businesses is that banks and merchant account providers consider a high level of chargebacks, refunds and returns and credit card fraud as even more reason to categorize businesses with these challenges as high risk. Companies within industries that experience high numbers of fatal or nonfatal accidents are also considered as such. In our 21st century business environment, brick-and-mortar retail, electronic merchants, start-ups and existing businesses […]

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3 Key Financial Statements for Your Business

Tracking your financial data is extremely important for all businesses. Not only will it tell you where the funds are going, but it is also an essential tool to use when seeking funding from lenders or investors. Plus keeping tabs will ensure your services and products are priced well, determine cash flow, identify margins, and make filing taxes easier. The following are three basic financial statements that are extremely critical to your small business. Balance sheet. This is an overall financial snapshot of your small business. Managers can use the equation, liabilities + owner’s equity = assets. The equation is […]

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Banks More Generous to Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs have a reason to be optimistic this year. Thanks to an influx in cash by the Federal government, small business loans are gaining more steam with traditional banks. This is really good news for small business owners who may require a small loan to overcome this latest recession. In addition to offering more loans, banks are also expanding lines of credit. One place where this new policy has made an impact is in the state of Michigan, one the states hit hardest by the recession. Currently, Michigan leads the nation in these types of loans; borrowing over $69.5 million […]

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Why Obtaining Cash for Your Business Isn’t All High Tech

There are never-ending ways for you to obtain cash for your business. From bank loans to crowdfunding to various apps claiming to help you out, the options are increasing daily. While many businesses have success with these methods, they may not be the best choice for your small business, especially if your business is considered to be “high risk”. Instead of taking a loan with high interest rates and immediate payments, merchants should look into obtaining a merchant cash advance to help fund their company needs. A merchant cash advance is not a loan. In fact, it is simply a […]

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Tips to Consider Before Getting a Small Business Loan

Getting a small business loan is one of the most important things to consider when first launching a business. With employee salaries, upfront equipment costs and marketing, you’ll need to come up with a ton of funds in order to hit the ground running. Here are some tips to help you get your high risk cash advance and make the most out of it. Know How Much You Need Knowing the amount of money you need is incredibly important. Before approaching any type of financial institution, you’ll want to have a plan. Come up with a fully detailed strategy on […]

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The American Dream | Successful US-Based Businesses Started By Immigrants

The vast majority of us have ancestors who were immigrants, or we ourselves immigrated to the US from elsewhere. This country was built on the hard work and dedication of immigrants, and today it is no different. While most news coverage of immigrants is slanted to a negative light, immigrants have achieved much success in the US. While we think of successful Americans, such as Warren Buffet and Oprah Winfrey often, many successful business people were immigrants. One of today’s most popular (and most used) technological outlets, Google, was founded by an immigrant. Sergey Brin comes from Russia, and came […]

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The Loan Dilemma of High Risk Businesses

There are several factors that contribute to what is known as the riskiness of a business. From the product you sell, to the industry you operate in, everything contributes to the total level of risk. Then there are also contingency issues that determine how well your business can cope up in case of an unseen mishap, such as a downturn in an economy. Highly diversified businesses that do not depend highly on any one part of their business are usually considered safe by banks and merchant account providers. On the contrary, businesses with products that are newly introduced and without […]

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