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How Payment Analytics Unlocks New Business Potential

Payment analytics is a process of measuring, analyzing, and tracking payment transactions to inform business strategy and improve operations.  Retailers, financial institutions, and e-commerce companies use it to understand complexities like: how customers pay for products or services,  which payment methods are most profitable,  Why transactions fail where customers are paying for their purchases,  But that’s not all. Below, we discuss the far-reaching pros of payment analytics for a business. 5 Ways Payment Analytics Unlocks New Business Potential Payment analytics helps you expand your business in the following ways: 1. Track payment patterns across different markets and channels. Payment analytics […]

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How to Fight a Chargeback

If a chargeback has made its way into your system, as a merchant you have five to seven days to get back to the merchant account servicer. At all costs, you need to have this done. As a busy merchant, you may think it a most inconvenient thing to happen, but it is also your responsibility to answer to this. By avoiding it, you set yourself up for the loss of your merchant account. Let’s start at the beginning A customer has requested a chargeback. The first thing you need to do is verify that indeed, that customer made a […]

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How do I Find The Right High Risk Credit Card Processing Broker?

As a business about to strike out into the industry, you will need a credit card processor. Worst yet, if you are in a high risk pool, your fees will not be as inexpensive as some. Of course, even the airlines industry is in the high risk pool, so don’t despair. There are solutions out there and they can be found. After you have determined what your business falls into, you will need to see what is out there for credit card processors. What are the rates? Are there discounts for your business? What amount per month do you anticipate […]

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How 1st American merchant funding can get your merchant account started today!

First American Merchant Services is a well thought out business plan. They not only help out anyone in business, their approval rate is at 99%. So a rare thing indeed, would be for someone to be in the 1% range. They insist on investing in you, the person in business and things that put our country to work every day—from entertainers to bail bonds. This company brings to the table— Possibilities. If you can dream it, they can do it. From Bankruptcy to Collections all the way to Herbal Supplements, they will put together a 1st American Merchants funding account […]

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Getting your Seasonal Merchant Account up and running by the holidays

Consumers in United States spend more than 50 billion dollars on shopping and online purchases in the last quarter of 2012. According to the statistics, consumers spend more on shopping in the last quarter of the year because of holidays like Halloween and Christmas. As the last quarter of 2013 is just around the corner, it is a great opportunity for those who want to earn some quick money be starting a seasonal business. Consumers are looking for reasons to spend on Halloween and Christmas, be creative to meet the demand and get your own seasonal business up and running […]

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Merchant Cash Advance For Online Businesses

The merchant cash advance as a financing alternative is fast gaining popularity as a funding option among businesses. In the credit market, this type of advance is also known as a receivables and credit financing. A merchant cash advance involves advancing money to merchants upon agreement with the prospective lender taking a portion of the businesses future credit card sales so as to clear the debt. Merchant cash advance for online store and telephone merchant cash advance widen the financing scope for companies that would have perhaps had limited sources of financing. This mode of financing is often easy, quick […]

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What is the Best Credit Card Processing ISO Program?

ISO Programs for Credit Card Processing What is the best merchant services agent program? There are hundreds of credit card processing companies in the marketplace and they all offer different iso and agent programs, how to choose the best one?  Many merchant level sales people have been burned in the past by ISO’s not paying residuals, not paying on time, or scamming their customers. The answer is simple: There is no “best iso program” Smart credit card processing agents and ISO’s are choosing to be a merchant services broker. You can partner up with a company like or First […]

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Accepting Credit Cards Online – Website Merchant Accounts

Credit Card Processing Online Accepting credit cards on your website has never been easier. There are a variety of providers and solutions available to todays business owners. Credit card processing is our specialty here at First American Cash Advance. We have dozens of merchant services providers to choose from in our network. We have credit card merchant accounts for online businesses. Check out a few credit card merchant account providers below.  We provide secure payment gateways for free to most of our online customers. To learn about the many options we have and to speak with a credit card processing […]

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Custom Gift Cards Programs – Multi Store Gift Card Programs

Multi Store Gift Card Programs Do you need custom gift cards for your business? Do you have multiple locations and need to manage your gift card program online? Are you looking for the most robust gift card program on the market? Call the gift card experts at First American Cash Advance. We have dozens of providers in our network, each with different gift card programs and specialized loyalty card solutions. A merchant account is no longer just used to accept credit cards from customers. You can now create repeat customers by offering gift cards and loyalty cards to customers. Customizing […]

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Accepting Credit Cards on your Phone – iPhone & Android Merchant Accounts

Do you need to accept credit cards on the go? If you have an iPhone or Android phone and you’re looking to accept credit cards, then you need a mobile merchant account from First American Merchant. Credit card processing on your mobile phone has never been easier. We have free iPhone and Android apps and we also have a free credit card swiper attachment. Don’t be limited by account withdrawal limitations, or other problems brought about by Peer to Peer processors like Pay Pal or Square. Get a real merchant account with no limitations from First American Merchant. Accepting credit cards […]

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