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Bad credit Business Funding Blog Posts

By First American Merchant

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Bad Credit Loan: Poor Credit Isn’t the End of Your Business

Your dedication, passion, and hard work aren’t enough for growing your business. Having access to the necessary working capital is no less important. So, what can you do if you have a less-than-stellar credit score but are in need of reliable and affordable bad credit loan?  Here’s what you can do. Bad Credit Business Funding Business loans are among the most common funding sources for merchants all over the world. However, this doesn’t mean that all merchants can get easily approved for them. If you have poor credit, expect to meet some challenges when trying to get approved for business […]

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Four Things a Bank Won’t Let You Know When Applying For A Business Loan

Applying for business loans is one way to fix disturbing issues and keep operations running in your business. As an entrepreneur, having supplementary funding can help you move forward and set things straight in areas where you face challenges. However, it is wise to weigh different options when looking for lenders and financing options. While going for traditional banks may look like a feasible possibility, it is important to inquire the details of their loan options, application procedure and the overall process. Find out a few things a bank will not share with you when discussing a loan. On top […]

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5 Tips to Help You Pay Back Your Loan During Slow Seasons

According to a US Bank study, 82% of businesses that fail appear in such situation because of cash flow problems. Cash flow problems aren’t something new for seasonal businesses since they have slow seasons with less money. 27% of businesses surveyed by the NSBA (National Small Business Association) report they weren’t able to receive the necessary funding they needed. According to those 1-in-4 businesses, the lack of funding prevented them from growing their business. This refers especially to women- and minority-owned businesses. So, how are you going to repay your business loan if you’re in a slow period? In such […]

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Your Business Funding Success. Consider A Merchant Cash Advance

Undoubtedly, getting approved for traditional business funding is not easy. More than half of business owners who apply for a traditional business loan get rejected. Fortunately, alternative lenders have become popular in the recent years and provide a great opportunity for you to get the necessary capital for your business. Alternative lenders offer quicker access to capital. You can get your loan through an online application and transfer process. Based on your credit score, you can be approved for business financing in minutes and get your money within a day or two. Consider applying to for low-cost and reliable […]

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How Business Owners With Bad Credit Get Business Funding

Business owners have always been concerned about getting funding for their business. Things may get challenging if you have bad credit. However, this doesn’t mean it’s not possible to get the necessary capital for your business needs. The most important thing is to approach the situation in the right way. The Importance of Your Credit Lenders examine your credit to get an idea on how you manage your business and what they can expect from you. Perfect credit scores are required by banks. Alternative lenders usually don’t pay so much attention to your credit history. Consider turning to a reputable […]

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5 Steps to Prep for a Business Loan

High risk merchants often have a hard time acquiring business loans. Lenders view merchants in high risk industries as undesirable investments, even if the business owner is an experienced entrepreneur. But it is possible for high risk merchants to find and attain the necessary funds to start and grow their businesses. The following are a 5 steps to getting a business loan. Develop a Business Plan Many business owners only know that they could do with some extra cash. Lenders are not likely to disburse funds unless you can tell them exactly where the funds are going and how they […]

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A Guide for Choosing the Best Small Business Funding Option

Most business entrepreneurs choose to fund their startups through their own cash or savings. While this approach works well for many business owners, there will come a time when additional capital is required from the outside. With alternative lending options constantly evolving, small business owners are finding it easier and easier to evaluate what each lender is offering them (pricing, rates, terms, etc.). Ultimately, these non-bank lenders offer more choices. While it is fairly easy to find a list of alternative lending options for a small business, knowing what to consider while evaluating those lenders is not always as transparent. […]

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6 Steps To Take Before Applying For A Small Business Loan

Small businesses are cornerstones of every country’s economy. If you’re considering to start a small business, you should take into account the financial risks and challenges you may face as an entrepreneur in today’s world of business. There are several important steps to take when applying for a small business loan. Here they are: Know Exactly Why You Need a Small Business Loan Determine why your small business needs a loan. You will have to repay the loan so it should serve the purpose of growing and expanding your business. Lenders will take your business more seriously if you can […]

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Is Bad Credit Stopping You from Getting Bad Credit Business Loan?

If you own a small business, you know how difficult it is to acquire a loan. Don’t let bad credit or lack of business experience keep you from the loan money necessary to make your business grow. There are a variety of alternative ways to acquire loans that don’t require extensive paperwork, long-term contracts, or high rates. The following are less restrictive and more efficient ways to get a small business loan. Bank deposits – If your business makes regular bank deposits, it can acquire a revenue-based loan. Generally, a business can get a business loan that is about 10% […]

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Ways to Get Money Even with Bad Credit

So you have a brilliant idea and a fantastic business plan. But the banks won’t even listen to what you have to say because of a smudge on your credit. Luckily, major loans from financial institutions aren’t the only solutions for entrepreneurs with low or bad credit. In fact, they are not even the first solution of most new businesses now. A recent study shows that only 25 percent of new businesses actually seek out credit card and bank financing. Now there are faster, less restrictive methods to getting the startup money that you need to get your business off […]

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