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Your Business Funding Success. Consider A Merchant Cash Advance

Undoubtedly, getting approved for traditional business funding is not easy. More than half of business owners who apply for a traditional business loan get rejected. Fortunately, alternative lenders have become popular in the recent years and provide a great opportunity for you to get the necessary capital for your business.

Alternative lenders offer quicker access to capital. You can get your loan through an online application and transfer process. Based on your credit score, you can be approved for business financing in minutes and get your money within a day or two.

Consider applying to for low-cost and reliable business funding. First American Merchant is an award-winning business loan provider and payment processor that specializes in the high risk industry. FAM offers the lowest possible rates in the market and provides exceptional chargeback prevention and protection opportunities.

First American Merchant provides a Merchant Cash Advance, ACH Program, High Risk Business Funding, and Consumer Financing. A Merchant Cash Advance has turned into one of the most popular business funding options nowadays.

Merchant Funding from FAM has the following benefits:

  • Fast Funding – The business funding programs offered by FAM can have money in your bank in as little as 72 hours.
  • No Hassle – Your payments are automatically held from your credit card transactions. No fixed monthly payments are required.
  • High Approvals – A merchant cash advance approval is based on business performance rather than personal credit, time in business or financials.
  • Easy Collections – FAM gets paid when you get paid. FAM’s payment is a percentage of your daily sales.

Small Business Funding Vs Merchant Cash Advance

Small Business Funding has:

  • Strict credit requirements
  • Long wait times for funding
  • Complicated contracts
  • Extensive documentation
  • Lower approval rates

Merchant Cash Advance offers:

  • Credit scores below 500 are approved
  • Receive your funds within 72 hours
  • Simple, flexible programs
  • No tax returns or financials required
  • Fast application process

Alternative lending options are great for businesses that cannot qualify for traditional business funding. However, you have to research all your potential lenders carefully and find a reputable company to turn to.