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What Businesses Receive Alternative Small Business Loans, and Where to Turn for Help

At some point during the business startup process, business funding crosses every entrepreneur’s mind. Needing extra capital isn’t a matter of if, but when. Some business owners seek support from friends and family at first, but as their business grows, they find themselves in need of larger sums of cash to fund opportunities and expand their operation. Unfortunately, securing funding is easier said than done. There is a long list of business types and industries that struggle to secure funding for one reason or another. In fact, according to recent small business lending statistics, nearly half of all small businesses […]

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Cost of Fraud for eCommerce Merchants Highest Ever

LexisNexis Risk Solutions carried out a study concerning U.S. merchants in 2019. Based on the study called The True Cost of Fraud, every $1 of fraud loss cost companies $3.13. The study also showed that there was a huge increase in fraud trials and successful attacks. If this is what you’re interested in and if you need alternative small business loans, this article is right for you. Alternative Small Business Loans & Cost of Fraud First of all, let’s see when true fraud occurs. Well, it happens when hackers make use of stolen payment data to make purchases for personal […]

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Homelessness on Economics: Alternative Small Business Loans

Homelessness is still a major concern. In fact, it doesn’t bring positive impact on the economic competitiveness existing in the country. To learn more about the problem of homelessness in the U.S. and find exceptional alternative small business loans from a true business funding expert. Just follow the lines below. Alternative Small Business Loans & the Impact of Homelessness Today’s homelessness is a disaster that’s got an economic nature rather than is associated with mental health or alcoholism, or other problems like these. Globalization and urbanization have brought an immense impact on how housing markets develop and how basic income […]

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Banks Losing Ground to Alternative Small Business Loans

It’s no more a surprise that alternative lenders are a striking alternative to big banks and are working on attracting more and more low and high risk merchants. Where can find low cost and reliable alternative small business loans for your company? If you’re interested in all these, this article is right for you. Alternative Lenders Are on the Rise New alternative lenders have emerged since the global credit crisis and are still emerging in the payments space. The non-bank or alternative finance field is an established source of funding for both low and high risk businesses. This is a […]

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What are Alternative Small Business Loans?

What if you could secure the funding you need for your business from a source other than a traditional bank? Just 10 years ago, the options businesses had for funding were incredibly limited. For certain business types and industries, it was next to impossible to secure the cash they needed. Today, the phrase “alternative lending” is much more common and has begun to really mean something to small business owners. It has become a very important part of the business financing industry. But what are alternative small business loans? Alternative lending is a broad term that includes many new small […]

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Common Methods of Financing Small Businesses

At one point or another, every business will encounter a situation in which they need more cash. Even the most successful, dedicated small business owner will face periods where there is not enough working capital to cover day-to-day expenses. Purchasing new equipment, supplies and inventory will also be difficult, if not impossible. This is where small business financing comes into play. It’s important to note that not all small business financing options are created equal. Your credit, time in business, available collateral, financials, business type and industry are just a few of the factors that will determine which option is […]

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A Business Owner’s Guide to Improving Time Management

Proper time management is a habit you develop gradually. There’s often more work than the time to complete tasks. And those who run a business know this better. We have work, households, friends, family, business and civic commitments, and the once in a while vacation, yet there’s never enough time to achieve everything we need and wish to do. Entrepreneurs are frequent victims of this situation. They often have to do more work with less time, and that’s the case for every budding company. Here’s a guide to help you keep operations going without straining. Do away with time wasters […]

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Alternative Small Business Loans Better Thank Bank Loans

Today, the world has become much more commercial than ever before. Sometimes, getting a loan for your small business may be of a challenge, especially if you’re a high risk merchant. What’s the advantage of applying for alternative small business loans? Let’s move forward and see. Why Are Alternative Small Business Loans Better Than Bank Loans? If you lack the necessary finances for your business, your business will stop growing. Also, it can push your business backward. Where to find the necessary funds for your business? Historically, business owners in need of working capital used to go to a local […]

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Say ‘No’ to the Bank: Where to Find Alternative Small Business Loans

While the small business lending atmosphere has been improving in the last few years, it is still a chore for these businesses to secure the funding they need. At first glance, traditional bank loans seem like the most obvious method of financing. However, more than 82 percent of small business loan applicants are denied business funding by banks. Banks have strict requirements that make it very difficult to be approved. Applicants must have a stellar credit score and collateral. Seemingly endless financial statements and records and a certain amount of time in business requirements also make the process lengthy and […]

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Holiday Product Trends and Loans for Your Retail Business

The holiday shopping season doesn’t technically begin until Black Friday, so it’s never too early for you, as a retailer, to discover what new and exciting retail trends are waiting for you in the 2017 holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday offer a huge business opportunity. Online shoppers spent about $3 billion on Black Friday weekend in 2016, including almost $1 billion in mobile sales alone. In 2017, the top 3 retail trends that will impact the holiday shopping season are: Shopping from home The mall as you once knew is gone Companies are focusing on customer senses to […]

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