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A Business Owner’s Guide to Improving Time Management

Proper time management is a habit you develop gradually. There’s often more work than the time to complete tasks. And those who run a business know this better.

We have work, households, friends, family, business and civic commitments, and the once in a while vacation, yet there’s never enough time to achieve everything we need and wish to do.

Entrepreneurs are frequent victims of this situation. They often have to do more work with less time, and that’s the case for every budding company.

Here’s a guide to help you keep operations going without straining.

Do away with time wasters

Anything that slows down operations or causes resistances is a time waster. We encounter resistance in different ways; from heavy traffic that lead to late arrival and difficulty getting finances to delayed orders.

With borrowing money, be sure to face plenty of resistance. You have to provide financial data and other credentials before getting approved for the requested loan.

So while you can’t entirely do away with time wasters, you can come up with ingenious solutions to ease the process of operating your firm. For instance, why waste time on long queues in traditional banks when you can access the same funds using mobile banking solutions.

Plus, you can minimize unnecessary movements and meetings. Don’t spend 30 minutes gathering everyone to give a 3-minute notice when you can use emails to communicate.

Work with local partners

Tech levels the playing field for small and large companies alike to give clients the best experiences. Gone is the era when only the most significant businesses allowed a variety of payment options, fair prices, and convenient access. As we speak, you can use your debit card or credit card at almost every shop you visit.

Company owners can now access tech from their credit unions and local/community banks that are willing to assist surrounding business. What’s more, using local partners will help save you the travel distance, costs and time when seeking resources like alternative small business loans. And you don’t have to worry about conflicting compliance rules because you are working with local partners. Meeting compliance rules can be tedious and time wasting.

Build an extensive network

Businesses that thrive, at any stage, utilize the know-how of the rich and extensive resource network. Every business owner needs access to vital resources: a communications officer, a banker, a lawyer, an accountant e.t.c. But other than technical knowledge is the network of support and advice the people you choose to work with will offer.

Through mentorship, networking gets you ready to handle situations that you have never faced before. It can also get you instant solutions to problems because you have a pool of partners to rely on.


Naturally, you cannot always use constructively all the time you have. But you can make the most of your hours by following the above steps.